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  1. Congratssss!!! Who was your POI at Stanford? Is it Dr. Deierlein or Dr. Billington?
  2. I called GA Tech yesterday. They told me that they had the record amount of applications this year and it's taking a lot of time to review. I am not expecting anything from there. And I am not expecting anything better from JHU or Northeastern either. Basically I have braced myself for another round of applications (may be in a year or two). So let's see. Good luck to all of you guys.
  3. Are you accepting the offer from john hopkins? Nothing is going right for me. I am rejected from Virginia Tech and waitlisted at John Hopkins. Still to get any kinda decision from UIUC or Georgia Tech. Looks like this is not going to be my year.
  4. Mechanical Engineering 1. stanford 2. MIT 3. Caltech, Berkeley 5. UMichigan 6. GA Tech 7. UIUC 8. Princeton 9. Cornell, Purdue 11. Carnegie Mellon 12. Northwestern 13. John Hopkins, UT Austin 15. Penn State, TAMU, UMinnesota 18. Ohio State, VTech, UCLA, UMaryland, Wisconsin Madison 23. UCSD
  5. No problem. Here's the ranking: 1. John Hopkins 2. GA Tech 3. Duke 4. UCSD 5. MIT, Stanford 7. Rice, UMichigan, UWashington 10. Berkeley, UPenn 13. BU, UT Austin 14. Washington University in St. Louis 15. Columbia, Cornell, U of Pittsburgh, 19. Northwestern, Vanderbilt 21. Caltech, UC Davis
  6. #1 Stanford, Berkeley #3 UIUC #4 UT Austin #5 UMichigan #6 GA Tech #7 Carnegie Mellon, VTech #9 John Hopkins, MIT #11 UC Davis #12 Caltech, Cornell, UNC Chapel Hill, Duke, Wisconsin #17 Rice, U Washington #19 Purdue, Penn State, Minnesota
  7. Congrats. You've made it to your first choice program.
  8. Big congratulations to you for getting into all these top schools. If earthquake engineering is your interest, I would suggest Stanford, Berkeley or UIUC. MIT has virtually nothing going on in earthquake engineering, where Stanford has Dr. Deierlein who is a hot-shot in this field. Berkeley and UIUC also have some hot-shots in their rank too. Good luck.
  9. Your application season says "Fall 11". Did you apply for last year's program and get invitation for Fall 12 recruiting event?
  10. Your Physics background looks pretty impressive. I have no idea how much it will help you to get into CEE programs. But it got you to Lehigh where I couldn't get into with my substantial CEE background. Wish you all the best.
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