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  1. Anyone accept at NC State yet, or hear anything on funding?
  2. Yay! Congrats on making your decision. I have yet to hear anything about funding but I'm sure I end up there we'll have a good time!
  3. Is anyone attending the open house/visiting invitation? I don't think I received any information on it.
  4. In case anyone is wondering, I heard back from UCF today and have been accepted via an email. However, I have yet to hear anything on funding. WaaWaaa
  5. I finally heard back from USF last Thursday. I am currently waitlisted for funding. I just can't seem to get a break with funding this year! Yikes, that sucks!
  6. I am still waiting to hear back, and I applied for the RCL program and Digital Media Studies program through the Department of English. Anyone else still waiting to hear about RCL or Digital Media Studies?
  7. Hey, has anyone been contacted about funding for NC State yet? I am wondering if I'm just not receiving anything, or when I should be hearing back about that. Btw, is anyone else still waiting for admission into the graduate school? I chose to send a copy of my transcript instead of the real thing while applying. However, I have since sent them the original transcript and still have not heard back? If anyone can answer these questions, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  8. I haven't heard any news from them as of yet. I might check up with them tomorrow.
  9. I asked the graduate program specialist when she alerted me that all my application materials were in. She said they normally notify people the first or second week of March.
  10. Hey, I am wondering if anyone has heard from University of Central Florida regarding their Texts and Technologies PhD program? I emailed them yesterday and garnered no response. Thanks to anyone with information.
  11. Hey, I'm just curious if anyone has heard from the University of South Florida regarding acceptance. I received an email saying that they usually send out letters mid-March, but I'm curious as to if anyone has heard from them already. Thanks and cheers!
  12. It was in an email sent from the graduate advisor of the English Department.
  13. Anyone else still waiting? I still haven't heard back from OSU and I checked my status today. It says that it's still in review. Is anyone else out there still waiting to hear from OSU?
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