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  1. The wait is killing,i have not heard from Manitoba and Mcmaster.
  2. No,i applied to Mcmaster Health Sciences Dept.Goodluck to everyone
  3. The wait begins.I was thinking about how i will be in a grad program next year since i was waitlisted last fall......Can't wait to start getting some responses but, it is too early.Hang in there..
  4. Yes,i have started waiting too,i applied to 3 Canadian schools.Manitoba,Mcmaster, and Ottawa. Good luck to everyone
  5. what is the subject or title when writing to POI's?Thanks
  6. Hello, I applied to Canadian schools for last term with Rejections,the reason given was that i didn't contact a professor before i applied.Now i would like to apply for next term and i am asked to contact a supervisor that i like research interest to work with. Please help me out,i need a sample of it to know how it looks like,i don't want to miss it again.Thanks
  7. I applied to UoWaterloo,Health Studies ................(MSC) still i have not heard anything from them.Is there hope for me?
  8. Same here,i am in the same boat with you.lets Keep patience and hope to hear from them soon.Good luck
  9. I have not heard from this school.Is there anybody with useful informations? Thanks
  10. Hi babyjumbojet, Do you heard from them or any info from this school.Thanks
  11. I did not email any of them,i am new 2 gradcafe,i dont know how it goes,i am an international applicant.Hope it is not too late and who am i to call,is it my dept .?Pls help me out i have not heard from any of them(Canadian schools).Thanks.
  12. Alright thanks,patiently waiting.
  13. ok,thanks for your response,am happy not been the only one.How do you get to know that and who do you call to know?
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