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  1. So I combined suggestions. We day drank at a brewery tasting and then hit up a whisky bar and saddled up with the four horsemen. No tears so I think it was successful.
  2. Thanks all for the advice. I'm going for "F-em. Their loss" with the drink. My usually drink of choice is tequilla but I feel that conveys more of a just "F-em" message and misses the latter part of the sentiment. If my brokeass status didn't inhibit them, I'd go four horsemen all the way.
  3. What form of booze would you get to commiserate over the ickiness of grad admission's cycles if a good friend of your's struck out? I'm thinking scotch or whiskey, but perhaps I should open my horizons.
  4. Interesting views Eigen and TakerUK. TakerUK: I think I misunderstood originally your situation. I thought you were being paid less for having recieved extrenal funds not an equal amount. This later situation seems like the one universitities would want to avoid as it is a strict disincentive. Eigen: My university is totally the same and understandably so regarding interal fellowships and funding. NSF strictly replaces what they give you, though you don't loose the years of funding so can tap those monies in the future if need be. For example, the university gives 5 years of guaranteed f
  5. Thanks for your experiences. Yeah, bit of a weird situation, but I'll take it. Speaking to your experience, I get that we cost more than they pay (though this varies substantially by field...my field has no lab equipment), but it seems like your experience of no top off discourages people from looking for external fellowships. From that perspective, topping off would actually save the university money if you were making a decision between using your guarenteed funding or the fellowship.
  6. Thanks for your thoughts. The 2010 rule change affects your ability to take two federal external fellowships at the same time. However, my second fellowship is from a private source. The NSF GFRP Faq says: "May I also be paid (supplement my Stipend) from a university or private Fellowship? Supplementation to a Fellowship, even while on Tenure, is unrestricted when there is no associated service (time) required."
  7. So I'm curious about this issue as well (and have read the linked threads without finding an answer to my specific question) and was wondering if anyone had insight into how this works vis-a-vis the grad school: I recieved an NSF GRFP and am required tenure for this upcoming academic year. I also recieved a private external fellowship specifically for the 2012-2013 academic year. Neither of these funding sources ban stacking and both are aware of the fact that I have recieved funding from both sources. However, my graduate school has the following statement "The maximum academic-year sti
  8. Thank you for the reply. I feel better now.
  9. So as a fellow I am aware that we have to submit a Fellowship Activities Year Report. Does anyone know if we are also obligated to do a Project Outcome Report on the Research.gov website? My gut suggests not since we are not the PI on our fellowship and that this requirement is intended for traditional grants, but idk. Thoughts?
  10. See while I agree in principle, in my department office hour visits are not particularly appreciated. Professors are very busy so there is a need to balance the desire to present an engaged image versus downplaying a "needy" image. More than office hours, I suggest actively contributing to class discussions in a constructive manner. More than anything else, seminar discussion seems to be where students distinguish themselves early in grad school.
  11. I'm not in your field so take my advice with a grain of salt. In my field if you are waitlisted, the chance that they will offer you generous funding is low anyways. Thus, if I wanted to secure admission, I would definitely tell them recognizing that they are unlikely to top up the award very much if at all. I wouldn't worry to much about the tuition fees issue. The department admits you and with a fellowship you look like a free or cheap researcher and TA...something departments love.
  12. I don't believe it is field specific, rather industry specific. I.e Academia vs. Industry. OP mentioned a master's degree which is not usually a sufficient credential to enter the professorate without further schooling, which is why I related the HR story.
  13. UGH...please for forgive my spelling errors since my browser stopped spell checking properly. Not coming from your discipline, I think this is potentially a fairly complicated case. In my field there are three analytical perspectives that everyone should be intimately equated even though being a paradigm warrior has fallen out of vogue. If a professor were to teach a central course in my field and include readings or have knowledge of 2 of these perspectives that would be unpardonable. However, if a professor taught a course and had limited knowledge on a specialist topic that would be enti
  14. A friend of mine who works in human resources disagrees. Many people put GPA on the resume and if he doesn't see your GPA he assumes you graduated with poor marks. This is not necessarily an assumption you want floating around. GPA is especially important on resumes when it is your first job after leaving a degree program and it is easier to remove for subsequent jobs since education is less important in the hirin process then.
  15. List the best fitting institution. The reviewers know that your plans are up in the air, but they still care about whether you are able to ascertain what is the best fit for the proposed research. I got it in my second year when things were already settled, but I definitely got some push back on fit from one reviewer. Moreover, I would imagine fit is more important at your stage since you have more control than once you are already in a program. Choosing the best fit program more over signals that you understand your field.
  16. Some of these questions are very field specific. Because of that I just wanted to put in a plug for something a friend of mine who worked at the NSF said. His advice with questions of this level of detail: call up the program officers. They are there to give advice and make the process more transparent, especially vis-a-vis procedural things like choosing the right panel. Also, talk to your adviser since they have field specific experience with funding agencies.
  17. Lol...sorry for the bad English. I clearly should not write these during an insomnia moment.
  18. This is the sort of thing I might bring up discretely with a trusted letter writer. Emphasis on trusted. They will likely have insight into how people within your field are likely to view such a disclosure. Moreover, if they deem that this is information that should be pasted on, I suspect a LOR is the most appropriate form for accomplishing this. The LOR will let the reivewers know the situation and provide secondary evidence that you are on track and likely to stay that way. It also won't derail your essays from the science in explaining what seems to be a percieved dificiency in your record
  19. I set up an IRA and put away the full allowable $5000 every year. This is approximately 16% of my current income though when my stipend was lower it was more like 20%. This sometimes feels a little bit uncomfortable since I find it difficult to save additional funds for a rainy day on top of that sum. When I'm fellowship, I'm paid in a lump sum for the semester so it is easier then since the rainy day is built into that, but when I was TAing month to month payment left me worried about what if something catastrophic were to happen. My new goal is to use the lump to save at least a month am
  20. Q: Explain the origins of WW1. A: WW1 started because Germany was Marxist and they were naturally jealous of America's capitalistic lifestyle.
  21. Thank you all for the replies. This is not a grad admission's letter. I first handled the situation by suggesting what sort of person would be the ideal letter writer for them. I had hoped the student would get the hint that I was not an appropriate choice. This did not happen and so I have agreed to write the letter with the caveat that it will be weakly positive. It seems I may be the students only choice and I do not hold such strong views that I am unwilling to write for them, but simply do not believe I can write a strong letter on their behalf. When I say the student was forgettable,
  22. I also wanted to mention that in the social sciences the broader impact section can be tricky. In many STEM fields, outreach is specifically expected, but there is no cognate in the social sciences. While the NSF considers advancing science a BI and connecting your work to helping the world is a good choice too, I noticed that reviewers have wild different ideas on this subject. One reviewer wanted to specifically see how I was promoting diversity in political science while others were happy with my activism related to research and my argument about how I advance the field. Considering this di
  23. What do you do when you are asked for a LOR from an unremarkable/bellow average student?
  24. I should say that is has been recommend to me after a full year grad sequence in game theory for clarification. This suggests that micro is often considered better a signaling this than the grad level methods course. Though I would do both so that you have the signal and the polisci take on it.
  25. It has been suggested by many professors, especially juniors to me. I do formal work and most people who do not come from places like Rochester need to do something hard to signal credibly that they have the chops for this type of work in the long haul. Committees worry that dissterations do not necessarily convey your technical skills since you work closely with others to produce it. However, I imagine the diss is sufficient for showing substantive focus. If you remember classic signalling theory, the hardest class you can take is best and in econ depts this is generally the micro sequence o
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