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    Santa Barbara, CA

    Yes, I need this thread reopened as well! I'm in desperate need of info. I just got an offer to UCSB but cannot imagine making end meet on a $15K stipend. I have so much furniture and a dog--neither of which I'm willing to part with...so I think a house with roommates is the only option. Is it possible to find an affordable place and have your own room? I don't mind being the one to furnish the rest of the house and sharing everything...but I really want my own room. On $15K. Is this possible? I need to eat too.
  2. @brancan - good luck on the interview! Just be yourself, not who you think they want you to be. After all, any place that you are going to be spending as much time as you will in your graduate studies, you want to be able to be yourself. We'll all be thinking of you. Post afterwards to let us know how it goes!
  3. @Saviya- that's good that one serves the other. Two different directions would be a nightmare. I'm positive you will pull them both off brilliantly. It is amazing what one can achieve because there is no other option.
  4. @Saviya - oh, my. Is there any way you can create your term paper from the same research you are doing for your master's thesis? I wrote my thesis in one semester with only a 10-hour/week assistantship as a distraction....yet, it was so extraordinarily grueling. I remember the relief I felt at the end of the semester when I actually finished on time...(I already had a job that required that I finish on time)...when I hit the button to print, I burst into tears! Don't be too envious, though...I am still working 50 hours per week as a litigator. It's just nice to not have to rush home and work on an umpteenth version of my personal statement each night. It's all relative. :-)
  5. @gurlsaved - I sent an email to Heather Freireich and the Grad Director on Friday. Haven't heard back yet...I'm just being impatient. I've been waiting in limbo for so long...I want a certain plan to put into action now! But, I know...I've gotta wait a little longer. Maybe this is a good time to clean out my garage and tackle various other projects I didn't have time for until now. Now that apps are in...I have way too much time on my hands!
  6. @mrpbn7 - like everything else, it seems, there is not a uniform way that the schools treat "wait lists." Some of the schools notify you, and you just wait and hope enough people turn down their offers to make it to you on the list. Some make offers but withhold rejections from a pool of applicants without formally determining a wait list...then they can dip back into the pool as their initial offers are rejected. Some schools invite their wait-listed applicants along with their admits to a visiting day at the school, then determine who they will make an offer to on the wait list based upon their impressions at the visiting day (instead of ranking them ahead of time). I know what it is like on the side before an offer, but being on the other side of an offer is new to me. Does anyone out there know how funding offers work...if an offer is made early February...when do we hear about funding? Is it a good idea to try to visit to elicit an offer? If I were to get a funding offer, I would accept without a visit...so I hate to waste the money (the match with two professors and my interests is so strong that I would just figure out how to like it there if I didn't initially).
  7. @Iamhere and @Saviya - Thank you for the congrats! I know it seems that I was unnecessarily worried but this was actually my second go around. I applied to 10 schools last year and it was 0 for 10. Thus, my paranoia. Although, I did it much smarter this time around. Someone at some point asked how people figured out the programs to which they applied. The first time around, I was working at a sweat shop and had little time to do much more than just apply to the reputable schools that offered something close to what I was interested in. This time around...I started with the 2004 Reputational Study, then narrowed down to the programs which emphasized a course of study in org comm, then picked out the professors whose bios interested me. Then...and I think this was key...I read the articles written by each of those professors in the last 10 years to isolate my top choices. It is amazing how my assessment changed from reviewing department bios to actually reading their work. But @tvphd--you are right! Getting in is not the same as funding. And although I got into ASU...which I think is the best fit of all my options...I haven't heard anything about funding...so.....
  8. @gurlsaved - Thank you! I'm going to start a separate chat session with you....as soon as I figure out how. Another poster and I have been chatting...after I noticed I had a message on the top banner of the page. But I'm not exactly sure how she got the chat started....hmmm...
  9. Wow, I'm fickle. I just looked at my first posting and see that I listed Purdue as my first choice school. Haha! Well, now it is ASU. Truth is, I did tell my friends that the only school that would make it difficult to choose if Purdue offered me admission is ASU. ASU is actually a better fit...but the Purdue faculty were so warm and friendly when I first contacted them about my interests that they got bumped above ASU at the time.
  10. Hi all...I was just about to carry on quite a bit...because I just got my first Admit. But, now that I see @gurlsaved got a denial from the same school...it wouldn't be nice. It is ASU...and it is my first choice school! I'm sorry @gurlsaved...I'm certain that you will get good news this month. I'll send positive vibes your way! I really am excited though and, as soon as I know if I'm funded, I will be withdrawing my applications from the other 7 programs to which I applied so that I can let them focus on other applicants. Considering that it is my first choice program...there is no point in me dragging it out. But, I got a Congratulations email that directs me to their website to view the Admit Letter...and the link leads me to a statement: "We are unable to display the requested document at this time. Please check back in 1 to 2 business days." So, I've got to see that first to make sure it is real...and that I'm funded! How on earth am I going to sleep now!? I've got a long day at work tomorrow, so I've got to figure out a way!
  11. @Iamhere - I hope that the people reviewing my application think my journey is fascinating too! All I need is just one offer! Thank you for your kind words. For those wondering about Purdue - I just learned that they have made all initial offers and are in a holding pattern right now. I am told that my application is still being considered. So...at least it's not an outright rejection! I'm staying optimistic.
  12. Thank you @fanon_fanatic! Your post was exactly what I needed. I read it this morning and it was just the reassurance I needed to make me take a step back and a deep breath, and put me in the mental state that I need to be in to wait out the next couple months. (A 1.5 hour yoga class tonight helped too.) Hopefully I don't have to wait that long...but you are 100% right. It isn't over until it's over...and that is more than 2 months away.
  13. Hey all. Anyone out there the person who posted yesterday re an offer from UC Santa Barbara? Can you tell us your research track? Thank you!
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