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  1. I would suggest looking at the placement rates for both programs. Are you planning to go further into academia, or into a job after this program? That might help you figure it out. Also, I agree with Sigaba. While the social things are important, as a graduate student they are pretty limited as you balance everything else. I would suggest you get in touch with some other graduate students at option B and ask them how they juggle TAships outside of the department. For the most part, even if your job is outside of a particular department, schools are reasonable about how they expect students
  2. I had a similar choice to make and chose the name-recognition school for my MA. While many people may have made a different decision, I'm glad I made mine. It put me on a path I never would have been on had I not chosen it, and now I'm headed into a Ph.D program fully funded for 5 years (with only 1 year of teaching) that is beyond my hopes and dreams. My advice is to sit down and look at your finances, figure out where you can cut costs, and look at what you expect to make over the course of the next 10 years in your industry. See if current students do any part-time work on the side for
  3. I would also recommend How to Write Your Dissertation in 15 Minutes a Day for students going into a Ph.D or MA program that requires a lot of writing. I read that book for my MA thesis and got so much valuable advice for developing a writing practice that can not only get me through a big project, but help me complete conference papers, course papers, and just writing in general. It's a super easy read--I did it in under 3 days with a ton of other reading to do. The suggestions are really practical and encouraging and manageable.
  4. I know a little bit about that program--I was accepted for their Ph.D program but decided to go with another offer. I liked the Comm department quite a bit when I went there but they didn't fit my research interests as well as I needed to feel comfortable. I'd say if they are a good fit for your interests, its worth a try. It is very good to get full funding at the MA level in Communication. Syracuse and a handful of other schools offer it. Beyond that, very few offer full funding for a terminal MA program. So that's something to consider, because in many cases, you will be paying for an MA fu
  5. I think that as long as you can make a compelling case for why you want to go into strategic communications, your SOP can serve for answering questions that the admissions committee (adcomm) has about why you are applying into this field at this time. Tell a bit about the story of why you came here to the decision to work on strategic communication--are you an avid Twitter user? Do you like following media campaigns? Were you given a responsibility at your current job that sparked your interest? Let them know why you're interested. You have to be able to articulate what you want to study and w
  6. Based on your interests, I'd suggest looking into Media Studies programs in conjunction with Communication. Many are related (such as UT-Austin's Radio-Television-Film), but it will help you when researching programs to find the ones that fit best to use that terminology. Also, check out any American Studies programs that have strengths in television and media studies.
  7. @Saviya, I eventually chose Brown, and am very excited about it. It was a really hard decision though for me at the end between Brown and UNC. I'm still struggling a little bit over whether or not I made the right decision, but I can't change it now! Are you headed to USC? @vcash, I don't know anything about any of those programs, and most of the folks on this thread are looking at research focused Ph.Ds. However, I can say that generally speaking, just from the standpoint of decision making with programs, that the fact you listed BU first and that your gut seems to tell you that is the ri
  8. Really?! Hmmm...I'm going to private message you and we can connect!
  9. Thank you all so much for your honest and helpful feedback. I'm putting in my "yes" to my #1 option. I'm not sure how relocation will work out, but I do think in the long run it's a better option for me and the family. Thank you again for sharing all your thoughts!!!
  10. I think my decision is made...and now I am freaking the EFF OUT.

  11. @new_to_kin, thanks for your thoughts. I will revisit the conversation with my SO, though I have prepared mentally for exactly the situations you described, and have started training in a variety of ways so that I can get a job no matter what. I think that I am coming to terms with the fact that I may not be the person who can go to any job in any place, and that means I won't always be an academic the way that many people are. I'm actually ok with that. I've had most of my jobs in higher ed, and really enjoy the variety of things that I've done, so as long as I'm working at a college and have
  12. @arandall--Sure! She was really honest. She basically said that academe is at a tipping point, and we're not really sure which way it is headed. On one hand, she pointed out that there is a lot of institutional support (read, from college presidents, deans, etc) for interdisciplinary programs and scholars. So, there are a lot of jobs for folks who are doing postdoctoral work, want to work in research centers, etc. And, some disciplines (specifically the humanities and the area studies programs such as ethnic studies etc), are headed in the interdisciplinary direction. That being said, with so
  13. Thanks Mosabstrakt! Your response is really appreciated and obviously carefully thought out. The other discipline for me is Communication, which is arguably an humanities/social science, though the department I am at leans heavily to the humanities, with most of their emphasis on Performance Studies and Cultural Studies. Your response actually has me checking out the unemployment rates at each place, because I was told my a professor at the state school that the job market is highly saturated for the area for any kind of skilled employment, making it notoriously hard for partners to get job
  14. Thanks Rosamund!! That is really solid advice. Do you study interdisciplinary humanities as well?
  15. So, like many of you, I've spent most of this past week and weekend commiserating over a really great problem--choosing between two great options for Ph.D study. I've lost a lot of sleep and cried a few times, and now just want to hear some thoughts from other people (kind, please) about my decision making process and the options laid before me. I'm a little older (not THAT old, but not in my 20s anymore), and have a family (SO+two step kids in tow who may, or may not, be with us). My decision seems to come down to choosing either what I think is best for my family overall at a program wher
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