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  1. Both are equally great schools for journalism, so you cannot go wrong either way. However, you will likely be paying close to $50,000 for tuition & living expenses per academic year at USC. I think as a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley, you'll be paying a lot less fees, so you should be able to get by with the current financial support from your sponsor. Have you talked to the current visiting scholars at UC Berkeley? It may be a good idea to contact them about their experiences. I have heard horror stories from a visiting scholar in communication in an Ivy League school in the east coast a
  2. I think USC Annenberg has a better ranked journalism program. See http://annenberg.usc.edu/News%20and%20Events/News/111216NewsProRankings.aspx though UC Berkeley is not far behind. Keep in mind that USC Annenberg is overall a stronger communication school (it's arguably considered the best communication school in the west coast of the US). USC Annenberg also has hundreds of millions of dollars of endowment, more resources, more faculty with a variety of expertise, research opportunities, & networks to the large alumni and industry. Having said that, UC Berkeley is more well known internati
  3. I sent you a pm to tell you about life in State College. Hopefully, it will help you make an informed decision.
  4. I was just informed that I am now off the wait list at USC! I'm beyond ecstatic but this is somewhat bittersweet, as I have just visited UW and really enjoyed my time with the professors, the doctoral students, the campus and the beautiful city of Seattle. My only hesitation with UW is its financial offer, which seems low given its location. I'm leaning heavily towards accepting an offer at USC now, but need to consult my family and a few other people. Anyway, I hope a few of us who have been waitlisted at USC are now in the same situation as I do. I may see some of you at USC soon!
  5. I agree with most of the replies. Don't jump into grad school if you're not absolutely sure of what you want to get out of it. You can always pursue it later. Take the job offer, and gain work experience in the field for the next few years. I think you're going to have a much clearer idea of what you want to pursue after that. I hope you make the right decision!
  6. My stats are: 610 V 720 Q 5.0 W GRE, undergrad GPA of 3.86 in communication and grad GPA of 3.91 in health communication I think it's more of program fit as I have spoken with a few professors who share my area of interests in social marketing, health comm., and utilization of new media in health campaigns. It's a shame that I can't attend their program. I would really like to live in DC, given it's the central location for international health arena. Now, I will just have to decide between the offer with full funding at UW or USC (both of which are PhD in Communication).
  7. This may not be directly related to communication, but I just got an email from the program director in health behavior (with social marketing and health communication track) at GWU that the admissions committee has agreed to accept me but there is no funding whatsoever. So, it's really pointless and now I regret spending over $350 (application fee + test score reports + international transcript verification) to apply to this school. I notice from reading in various forums that GWU does not offer full funding to admitted doctoral students across disciplines. Comparing between fields, most PhD
  8. I have just been accepted to the DrPH in Health Behavior at George Washington University, but without any funding whatsoever. So, it's pointless really. I wonder what are some of the programs that provide admitted DrPH students (esp. in behavioral/community/preventive health) with full funding. I can't justify getting loans of a few hundred thousand dollars to attend a doctoral program.
  9. Hey Jasmineflower, I think I'm lucky in the sense that I have a supportive mom to counteract the negative energy from my dad. In a way, it comes down to maintaining "face". To boost his social standing among his friends and relatives, my dad wants to paint me in a certain light (wealthy businessman rather than a poor educator/researcher in a random social science field). I guess he's disappointed I am not choosing to do what he thinks is best for my life. Well, he and his relatives need to remember it's my life and not theirs. And to be honest, I don't really give a flying ##@@ about what
  10. I can share the feelings of rejection from my unsupportive dad. I'm currently an MA male student (Chinese heritage) in my late 20s from Southeast Asia and upon knowing that I plan to continue pursuing a PhD in communication here in the US, my dad's typical comments were: "Think about the lost opportunity for the next five years! You could be back home with a well-paying job, a car and a house. It's not like you're going to find a cure for cancer. What you study is so abstract! How can you make money from that? When you come back with a PhD, be prepared to be disappointed that you have wasted f
  11. I have just received an email from the program director at USC that I have been put on a waitlist and most likely will know the results within the last few days before the April 15 deadline. He told me he sent out notifications for the waitlist today, so I hope many of us have heard something from him. I'm actually glad to at least hear something. I have already assumed a rejection, and made plans to consider my offers after hearing from GWU decision next week. Since USC is one of my top two choices, there's nothing I can do but hold off accepting other offers until I hear the definite yes or
  12. Ville

    State College, PA

    @yinche I have heard about Imperial Towers and it's a fine place. It's also very close to Weis, I think just 5 min walk. I personally never have a problem boarding an R bus in the morning from my apartment (again I rarely take R bus). If you choose Imperial or Nittany Garden, there shouldn't be problems since your bus stop is pretty early from its origin. However, R buses gets quite crowded from downtown in the evening (but then again so as many other buses), so you may have more problems getting back home than going to the school. Allenway itself is a quiet building and the entire block
  13. Ville

    State College, PA

    @yinche I understand the feeling of securing a place without having the opportunity to see it for yourself. I too am an international student. I was really overwhelmed back in 2010 when I tried to find a place. Compared to other college towns, housing situation in State College is ridiculous. The rental rates are too high for a place in a middle of no where like this. I have friends who stay in UT-Austin and one-bedroom costs $400 compared to $700-$900 around here. Please read the housing lease contract thoroughly before you sign it. Check every nook and corner of your apartment for any sp
  14. Ville

    State College, PA

    I know some people may say to avoid downtown areas at all costs since they're full of undergraduates. I disagree. If you're not planning on having a car, living within a walking distance from downtown areas will be a LOT more convenient. The central bus station is located on College Ave and you can take various buses to Walmart, Wegmans, Nittany Mall or the movie theatres from here. You can walk to your school and most of the shops, restaurants, pubs and convenient stores are located downtown. If you plan to have a car (which is not a bad idea to get around in this town since the bus services
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