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  1. Hi, CIHR rejection ... I got 5.33 as a score which is 115th out of 215 applicants - not even close!! oh well.... congrats to everyone who won!! So it sounds like the score is out of 9.... - I'll keep my fingers crossed for cihr ... Anyone hear anything about that? I'm wondering if you get vanier cihr, will you get bumped automatically from eligibility for pgs cihr?
  2. I just got my result it ... (cihr) - anyone know what the score is out of?
  3. Does anyone know offhand what the success rate is for Vanier, by tri-council category, among the group that is forwarded to national competition? I believe that the universities are allocated 200 nominees per group (for a total of 600) per year, but have no idea whether they actually forward that number, or if its substantially less than that.
  4. Yup - 1 month to go.... has anyone tried holding their breath for a whole month???? One second thought - I need to just try and completely forget about it (NOT!!!) Any other coping strategies out there - please do share!!
  5. Hey Degelman I applied last year and was forwarded to the national competition (CIHR)... I got my rejection letter in snail mail around the end of April. Very cool if they're going with researchNet this year though. Where on the site does it say that?
  6. I applied last year, but didn't get shortlisted. I got my letter of rejection in the mail in the first week of May. I reapplied this year and got forwarded again (CIHR), but am not going to hold my breath
  7. I have question for anyone awarded the Vanier doctoral scholarship this year: what were your main leadership experiences, as we were asked to summarize for the application. I was rejected and would like to re apply, but am unsure whether my scope of experiences as they stand are enough.
  8. A very brief letter. Don't even know if my app passed the cihr comiittee the last vanier committee .... oh well.... I'd really like to know if anyone who was 'rejected' last year reapplied and got it this year - in other words does it pay to re apply next year...??
  9. I think I'm going to take on a leadership role and organize a support group for students who didn't get the Vanier this year (myself included) ...
  10. nothing yet here in Calgary (CIHR)
  11. I can't believe the mail got to Edmonton before Calgary - that's not fair!! (just kidding) Were you given anything in the package - or just a letter saying yay or nay?
  12. Still waiting here in Calgary (Vanier - CIHR) ....gotta love snail mail .... Do the letters include information on how your application performed - like a score or ranking? Thanks!
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