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  1. Congrats back to you -Are you going to go to the welcome event?
  2. grrjessi

    Los Angeles, CA

    I'm wondering the same thing - I have dreams of biking from a spot just out of the higher priced -range -but want to make sure that it is actually safe, timely and all-around feasible. Maps are misleading -neighborhoods seem closer together than they really are and the freeways really slice and dice up the neighborhoods -making them really pedestrian/ cyclist unfriendly.
  3. The wait for an acceptance/rejection (one way or another) is killing me! I applied in December, and haven't heard a thing yet. Edit: I just received notice -I'm in!
  4. Yes -the open house is on the 30th for MURPS - Are you both flying in the night before? Is anyone else from the SF Bay area?
  5. Hey there! I am a MURP admit as well - are you going to the open house? Applied: UCLA, UCI, USC Accepted: UCI
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