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  1. I share a lot of your interests, and here are some of good programs (mostly geared towards literature and media) that I know of: Berkeley Rhetoric Emory CompLit Penn State Philosophy Duke Literature Buffalo Complit Stony Brook Philosophy & Cultural Analysis and Theory USC CompLit Irvine CompLit & Visual Studies Minnesota CSDS Cornell CompLit & Romance Villanova Philosophy Northwestern Comparative Literary Studies Brown MCM NYU Complit Santa Cruz History of Consciousness
  2. I got a rejection recently via online application system. Check your status.
  3. If we are talking about overall ranking, no one will dispute that top 30 with good fit can compete with top 5 on job market. I was just saying that in saying the same thing about top 10 and top 40-80 we overemphasized the importance of "fit".
  4. I really have to disagree with the first point The dilemma between speciality and prestige only exits when it is among schools of comparable calibre. Take the so-called posthumanism for example (which is definitely not a field, as 17th British novel is), it only makes sense when you are comparing Santa Cruz and a slightly better known, but less specialized program like, say, Penn State, or Duke and Columbia. But when it is between Stanta Cruz and Columbia, there is no doubt about which one should go with. Check the placement records of these programs you will see. A person specializing in digi
  5. Speaking also as a fellow Chinese applicant to CompLit & East Asian programs, I feel that for English/CompLit PhDs ranking does not make that much difference (so long as they are top 50/70) if you intend to go back to China. The pool is smaller; not a lot of Chinese students are studying those for PhD in top 25 institutions anyway). And finding a job back home perhaps has more to do with your connections etc and then where you got you BA may become relevant. It does make a difference though if you want to find a job in US first. It seems much harder, perhaps impossible, to find a teaching
  6. hey dr_walrus, mine doesn't say anything. so you may have something different. hope it is the good news!
  7. Yeah, life goes on, Walter. Good luck with the rest of your application! hope we all end up where we will live happily ever after (for a few years).
  8. Hi Walter, I just (finally!) got in touch with a grad student in their department, it's confirmed that the interview invites were sent a long time ago and we just didn't know it. Ok, let's just hug and cry...(now knowing that both of my POIs are on sabbatical and thus not even on the committee, I just want to kick myself in the forehead!!).
  9. What happened to you Duke Lit? No letters, no status updates, no results posted... And I emailed three separate personnels with no response whatsoever...
  10. Still nothing? Guys? What took them so long this year....
  11. I just got in UCB's Rhetoric....don't know what to say....shocked..... big congrats also to SubmarineReflection!
  12. More than a few Chinese applicants would visit Wofo temple in Beijing during application season cause Wofo sounds like "offer". It definitely works.
  13. You are right. My wishful thinking led me to ignore the anomalies (sending invites on Feb. is already anomalous)... But, still, finger crossed for all of us still waiting for Dr. Jameson and his friends.
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