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  1. And for women, dark jeans or a skirt, nice top, and a blazer is probably fine. Good walking boots if it's snowy! I had packed dress pants and realized that the only snow shoes I had were bean boots in a totally non-coordinating color. Oops. Also, there's often a student party that I assume is more casual.
  2. COME ON HOPKINS. (I had a phone interview last friday and they said "within a week" so...it's that time!)
  3. Congrats everyone!! I love how supportive this thread is! So, I have interests in political and critical theory and comp. lit, and after I was rejected from my Rhetoric program, I started focusing on my political theory programs and have had some great admits. The result is that, speaking to professors, I've learned a lot more about the overlap between political theory and english faculty and coursework, which is exciting! With that in mind, I'm deciding between Brown, UChicago, Yale, UCLA, and Michigan (with a few more choices still pending)--perhaps there is a chance some of us will
  4. I've been accepted to Brown! University email to check ApplyWeb, where a letter was posted with some funding information (but not complete)....so far no news from the department.
  5. emergency happy: http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m52z86Kfv91r79k32.gif
  6. I'm convinced this is the ideal post-rejection gif, and I'm just going to leave it here: http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m52z86Kfv91r79k32.gif
  7. Congrats! (and thumbs up for critical theory ) I'm in at Michigan as well! On another note, I really hope Hopkins notifies soon!!!!
  8. Also out at Columbia. I'm happy for those of you who've received happy news! I'm certainly in no position to complain overall
  9. Hey everyone! I was sadly rejected from Berkeley Rhetoric, which, as some of you know, means I'm officially going to be pursuing a degree in political theory--hopefully at a program which is extremely amenable to interdisciplinary and literary work. I have some wonderful options already and am still waiting on five other decisions. All in all, academia has been good to me this week. I think I'll probably take a break from this message board while I process it all, so I just wanted to say thank you for the support. Congratulations and sympathy all around, as the case may be. Keep reading
  10. Thank you, and same to you!! I feel like the lucky one--goes without saying!
  11. I'm in too! Lovely emails from Davide Panagia, Melvin Rogers, and Joseph Brown! Not sure yet what I'll do, because I'm also in at Chicago and waiting on Columbia and Hopkins, among others, but it's a great problem to have! Congratulations and sympathy, as the case may be, all around
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