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  1. I would say top-quality journal publications (Science, Nature etc.) and has previous history of awards (NSF, NSERC) and recognitions. Also, the choice of supervisor for PDF and strong research plan helps. Here is a very informative video explaining all of that:
  2. These are once-in-lifetime opportunities (Tesla Research Chair and Herzberg-Dahn Chair ) for any battery scientist. See Job posting here https://lnkd.in/e5Y9znC They get to work closely with #tesla , the world leader in electric transportation and revolutionize the electric vehicle technology. Also, they get to work Prof. Jeff Dahn, an extraordinary scientist. Nova Scotia is a clean-technologies hub. It simply can't get better than that. The most difficult part of faculty i.e., Funding, equipment and fantastic students come as perks to this extraordinary opportunities. No more incessant grant-proposal writing!! Successful candidates also receive personal mentorship from Prof.Dahn. I hope this reaches deserved candidates. Here is a small preview of Prof. Jeff Dahn's work
  3. Banting is one of the most competitive post-doc fellowships offered by the Canadian Govt, followed by NSERC PDF. I am starting this thread to compile any information related to 2019 - 2020 results. Perhaps the reviewers will meet and finalize their recommendation list this month. If you are an applicant, please share any updates you receive from CIHR or Banting.
  4. If you can show your research potential by publishing few papers then it will enhance your chances very much.
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