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  1. Neeko

    UC Irvine

    I can't log in to anything except financial aid and the zot account. I emailed tech support and he said it will switch over from an applicant account to a student account at some point, and then you can. He said its different between departments but usually happens when your fees are assessed. It's frustrating.
  2. Neeko

    UC Irvine

    I want to be in Costa Mesa or Newport. Hopefully when I go out in a few months to find something I can get lucky and find something within the realm of affordability.
  3. Neeko

    UC Irvine

    What city are you looking in? I started to look in a Fullerton but the rent was only slightly cheaper and I would probably spend all that savings on gas. So I gave up.
  4. Neeko

    UC Irvine

    Have you started looking for housing yet? Everything I find looks like it's going to take up at least 70% of my monthly budget. I'm hoping that I'll have better luck if I go drive around and try to find something cheaper, or more than likely I will go the roommate route.
  5. Neeko

    Irvine, CA

    Does anybody have an opinion on driving from Long Beach to Irvine 4 days a week? My classes start as early as 9 or as late as 3 and there's not a whole lot of flexibility so I would be pretty stuck commuting at some of those peak times. I would so much rather pay less to live in Belmont Shore than pay more to live near UCI.
  6. Neeko

    UC Irvine

    Anyone else heading to UCI?
  7. Is anyone looking for a roommate in OC this fall? I'm thinking Costa Mesa, Newport Beach or Huntington Beach. I'll be going to UC Irvine.
  8. I went to Case a couple years ago and lived in Cleveland Heights. It was like a 5 minute drive to the school and 10 minute walk to Coventry. I don't think I ever saw a place that had an in unit washer and dryer but most of them have them in the building. Your best bet is to drive around and find signs in yards, there are tons. I still have all the property management companies bookmarked. If you decide to go there and want all their info, let me know.
  9. Did anyone go to the UCI open house?
  10. I was one of the ones accepted at UCI, silence from everyone else still.
  11. I noticed on the results page here at gradcafe that all the other programs from biology to political science have been accepting and rejecting people left and right. Planning programs must just be slow for some reason.
  12. No decisions yet for me. I'm getting really anxious and will feel much better as soon as I get into one and know that I am at least going somewhere.
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