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  1. Why do you want your Ph.D.?

    honestly i probably don't NEED a PhD for what I want to do which is research but feel like that if I don't i will also be stuck doing someone else's experiment which was great during undergrad but isn't how i'd like to be living my life ones i get the prevorbial real job i have told others before that i don't particularly care at the moment where i end up as long as im doing research that interests me and is my own although as a first (starting the 2nd) year grad student it is still a long way away though that sounds selfish and a bit immature as I type it....
  2. Chem GRE's and Applying Early???

    with regards to applying early if you have all your materials ready to be sent i'd go ahead i'd ask members of your UG faculty their opinion as well though. chem gre, if your a good test taker than seriously think about taking it if not and its optional then it might hurt more than help, honestly i sorta regrett taking it was not confortable with my result and think it might have hurt me with some of the schools i applied to , again ask your UG professors they know more about your abilities than any of us on a forum would
  3. This time last year - What were you doing?

    this time lat year i was preparing to take placement exams and finding an apartment for grad school
  4. The sub-3.0 GPAs ACCEPTANCE thread

    Hi guys, I had a 2.7 undergraduate GPA and a 2.9 GPA in my major (chemistry), i applied to 5 or 6 schools and only got into 1 bare in mind these were all PhD programs but i had research experience as well as participated in ACS and AXE(chem fraternity) so don't give up, it is now a year later and I'm close to starting my 2nd year of grad school
  5. Fall 2012 Chemistry

    good luck to all applicants
  6. Research

    at the undergrad I went to most had 4 hours per credit during the normal semesters. in the summer most REU students work around 8 hours a day
  7. Starting Grad school (PhD) tips?

    It looks like I will be joining a spectroscopy lab. I am taking a Physical Organic class and a statistical mechanics class. Semester is going by really quickly
  8. Starting Grad school (PhD) tips?

    I am a domestic USA student good luck in your applications
  9. Starting Grad school (PhD) tips?

    hi there, so i am starting grad school in chemistry probably in physical chemistry or a computational physical chemistry. so does anyone have any tips for success? also any tips for entrance exams would be most appreciated as well. Thanks -kindlekm