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  1. So, after a few rejection letters, I have decided to expand my horizons by looking into programs abroad, particularly in Europe. This also makes sense because I am interested in continental philosophy and the programs that specialize in that are limited in the US. My question is, does anyone know of any programs overseas that are conducted in English? Also, and I'm sure this depends on the country and the institution, but can anyone give me a general sense of what the funding for international students is in say Europe? I would appreciate any input and direction to other resources. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the reply Andean Pat! Your response was helpful in a number of ways. It helped to clarify for me that the challenges that I experience have less to do with the planning of an essay's substance and more to do with the planning of its execution. I think that I need methods for time management and the creation of structure. Your suggestion about working backwards is super helpful. The problem I have is still figuring out what are reasonable periods of time to have certain tasks completed by, e.g. when research absolutely must without exception be completed no matter how incomplete I su
  3. I hope you all can help me with the serious end-of-the-semester freakout that I'm having. I'm in my second semester of a MA in Literature program and while drad work was certainly a shock compared to my expectations coming into the fall semester, I did well and received good grades. The workload increased significantly in this spring semester though, and now I'm freaking out about all of the paper writing that I have to do (approximately 50 pages). I'm sure there are many out there who are saying to themselves, "Fifty pages? Is that all?" Or, "Fifty pages? What did you expect?" Afte
  4. I have similar concerns (and similar scores) to those of the Mosby. I'm finishing up my first year in a MA program in Lit and have realized that my interests lie primarily in continental philosophy. I'm hoping that the Ph.D. programs in philosophy that I apply to will not emphasize the math score as much given that they will be less analytically-oriented. However, it does not sound like this is a reasonable expectionation I'm going to retake the GRE this summer, but do not think that a big jump in my math score is realistic. Is there anything that can make up for this in my application, or am
  5. I applied. I was excited before, but now it sounds even better based on what others are saying. Lots folks there addressing posthumanism too, which is something I'm interested in. I think they said notification of admission would be in March.
  6. Lol R Deckard. I am also teetering on the brink of a mental breakdown. It's so overwhelming. In undergrad, I had plenty of work to do, but I never felt that it was insurmountable. I was never quite sure if I could get my work "just right," but it always turned out well. Now, I'm just breezing through as much as possible knowing that there is no way I'm going to finish everything. The amount of reading is impossible. I've heard the idea that "they do it by design" a couple of times. What is the rationale behind this? On a related note, I was freaking out about TA'ing, but it's turned out fin
  7. Thanks for posting Frozenroses. I have been in a mad panic since I found out that I will be teaching writing classes as a TA (my avatar pretty much sums it up). The fact that it is a great opportunity does not stop me from worrying about how I will perform in this role. I also think there are numerous excellent suggestions/perspective checks above. I will add that I am joining toastmasters to prepare for this experience. My first speech was an epic fail (in my inexorably distorted opinion). I'm going back though. Teaching/public speaking will probably not be a life or death scenario. I am remi
  8. Eddie Kant

    Rochester, NY

    Went there for undergrad. Basically, say goodbye to the sun for 8-9 mos of the year. People get Vitamin D depression up there. In terms of winter, think Buffalo--lake effect snow, brutally cold, high, bone-chilling winds blowing over flat land, etc. Rochester's economy was undergirded by Kodak. Kodak is in the pooper. Rochester is a financially depressed area. That being said, it's beautiful in the spring. It's a community event when the good weather returns. It's really humid in the summer. There are definitely some artsy nooks in the city. Yah, and it depends on the school. The most
  9. First, congrats on your app season, myriadways! Second, thanks for responding to what I later realized was a ridiculously vague name for this thread. I appreciate your input. My poor performance was generally across all domains and so was my success when I turned things around. This is why I am attending an M.A. program this fall: provide more proof that the positive upward trend will continue if I were admitted to their Ph.D. program. It is still encouraging to hear that you achieved very positive results from your applications with a similar GPA. Not everyone that that graduates from a to
  10. Trying to make a realistic appraisal of my potential in academia beyond my Master's because this assessment will have a huge impact on where I decide to go this fall. I graduated from a Top 40 school with an undergrad GPA of 3.0. It took me two extra years to graduate. Let's assume I ace my way through an unranked Master's program, get excellent letters of recommendation, and write a strong thesis (big assumption, yes). In that case, what would be the chances of me catapulting myself into a Ph.D. program whose ranking and reputation would be high enough to give me a good chance of landing a te
  11. When I began the last application season, I had a really hard time wrapping my mind around what exactly the "purpose" of the statement of purpose was and what it should include. After countless hours of scowering these boards for answers, I compiled various bits of advice and guidance that I found helpful. I put it all in a word doc that you can download here, http://www.mediafire...wzi178xsmc1m1hj This forum has been an indispensible tool for me throughout this process. Hopefully this helps others.
  12. Lol, I feal you anthroDork. I got into my #1 school. Now that I'm haggling with them, I'm worried that I will somehow alienate them and cause them to revoke my admission offer. Bah.
  13. Yeah, I think the basic structure to your message is on target bgreenster. I'm also going to get in contact with professors and current grad students and ask to some questions to prove my interest (I didn't target any POI's in the process). Yeah, worst case scenario is they say no and you have a fallback. That's why you've gotta ask.
  14. Bump to this thread. I've been accepted into two programs, one with and one without funding. IMHO, I think anyone is doing themselves a diservice if they don't try to get themselves as much support as possible. However, in my position, I'm worried about working over my one admit with funding and having them call my bluff, e.g. "'X' school is offering me $15,000... yada yada." Although, I forsee myself fighting with drifters for spots on park benches with my $10,000 offer.
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