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  1. We are using a U-Haul "U-Box" (similar to PODS) to move our 1-bedroom apartment from the east coast to west coast. Price for our move about $1800-2000 which is much cheaper than what PODS and other competitors quoted us. You have to pack it yourself: they drop off at your location and pick it up after you pack it, depending on whether you are within their range. But the price includes delivery to your destination, so you don't have to drive it yourself. They'll also store it for about $65/month. Seems the most convenient route, so I'd look into that if you're willing to do it yourself.
  2. Jumat

    Santa Barbara, CA

    I might be looking for housing around the same time - I'll send you a DM!
  3. Try searching on the results page to see if anyone's gotten responses. I figure by now you would have heard something. http://thegradcafe.com/survey/
  4. I'm in DC and won't be in California until maybe August. Partner and I will be looking for apartments in downtown SB, most likely. I hope there will still be plenty of places available that late in the summer!
  5. I'll be starting in Geography, also this fall. Are you already in the area or moving out there soon?
  6. If he has contacts in the Boston area, have him reach out to them about opportunities they may know about. They could at least point him in the right direction. If he doesn't know anyone near Boston/Cambridge, have him ask his coworkers or colleagues whether they know anyone in the area working in his field (and might be able to make an introduction).
  7. Lots of rejections from UW Seattle yesterday. Email said "We received over 130 applications for just 14 places in our program, and so it was an extraordinarily competitive process." Too bad! Congrats to the lucky few who were accepted.
  8. Meant to add that I'm also applying to UCSB (MA/PhD program). Heard unofficially that my application was referred - very excited to hear officially! I don't know how long it takes them to send out, though. UCSB website says "end of March or early April" which is still awhile from now.
  9. Also applied to UW - but Seattle. Should hear back from them around the same time as you I think.
  10. Thought I'd start this as placeholder for when people start to hear back. Where did you apply and what have you heard so far (or, when do you expect to hear a decision)?
  11. Rejected for Indonesia Full grant. Better luck to the others!
  12. Yes, I made sure to email all of my references and in-country research contacts as soon as I knew (well, after telling the family and friends). Though I wouldn't officially be taking courses at the institution I'm working with, they're supporting my project and deserve to be kept up-to-date. Also, it's a nice reminder that "I'm probably coming in a few months!" Good luck to those hearing back today.
  13. That's a great idea for putting this all a bit into context - not to mention giving us some distraction during this leg of the application process. The emphasis on Fulbright as a cultural exchange program is key, and it's good to remember that even if we don't get the fellowship this time around, there are plenty of other ways to conduct your desired project abroad and bring people together in a new way. Plus you always have the option to reapply, I guess I'd also recommend to posters here to check out this page with a bunch of Fulbrighter stories, varied and inspiring: http://fulbright.state.gov/about/fulbright-stories.html Hopefully the waiting process isn't too much longer for us!
  14. For those others who are waiting to hear from Indonesia, I spoke to a former Fulbrighter to Indonesia who said it shouldn't be too much longer - he mentioned that Indonesia is usually pretty fast about getting the decisions in (compared to some of the other country committees. I think it's fair to guess we'll hear by late March or early April. Hopefully not took much longer now.
  15. Hi Mbeezy, I'm a recommended candidate for a full grant to Indonesia. There's another user on this forum (Bbdoll) who is recommended for an ETA to Indonesia. I got a lot of great advice from a former Fulbrighter to Indonesia, so I'd urge you to reach out to people for their experiences. A few blogs by Indo ETAs out there, too! You should also add yourself to the 2012-2013 applicants list here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuGpbWEh-3b0dHZzTU1BN0lNLU1yeG5XWktnY2k3bmc
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