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  1. Sorry my website can be a bit hard to navigate. I changed it now so you should be able to find my print work more easily. I usually work with lithography and intaglio, (usually with photo-etching, aquatint, spit-bite & chine-colle).
  2. Yes, though I can get in state tuition for Herron & IU, I just moved out to LA and am living between LA and Indy. My parent's still live in Indy. I will wait out to see what TA, assistantship & scholarships I will get, which will greatly influence where I choose to go.
  3. Greetings All, So I have decided to give applying to MFA programs a try. I compiled a list of 21 schools that I would consider applying to. I then narrowed down my list to 7: RISD, MICA, SAIC, IU, Herron, Rutgers, and Columbia University. I was wondering based on my work where I should consider applying or if there are any schools I should consider dropping from my list. www.adamporterart.com Any and all feedback will be much appreciated. Thanks ya'll! -Adam
  4. Hello all, I have been following this website/forum for quite some time and decided to finally post. I am starting to apply to some programs and thought it wouldn't hurt to enter into a dialogue. I am currently located in LA, but am applying to midwest/east coast schools. I am still considering UCLA. I recently finished a book by Sarah Thornton, Seven Days in the Art World. It highlighted a critique at Cal Arts and I decided their program was probably too conceptual for me, though I am in no way opposed to conceptual work. I would be interested to know more about Henry Radford Hope (IU)'s program and Herron's Programs. I know Herron is relatively new with a MFA program, but that could provide a lot of freedom to guide the program. Thus far I am applying to RISD (Print), SAIC (print and draw/painting), MICA (Hoffberger), Columbia University (Print), IU Hope School of Art, Herron (Print), and Rutgers (Visual Art). Here is my website www.adamporterart.com Let me know if there are any other schools I should consider or if there are any on my list I should strike. Thanks ya'll. I will now be checking this forum 20 times a day.
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