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  1. This. The ideal department will have people who work on the regions you're interested in and people who work in your substantive area. This gets trickier for people working on the Middle East and South Asia., since (based on my unscientific impression) most polisci departments seem to have far more Latin Americanists, Africanists, people who work on East Asia, etc. If your goal is to be a regionalist who works on politics, this could be problematic, and you'll want to find a department with strong regional cred. If you're more interested in being a political scientist who works on a sp
  2. Hi all, as a current female student at UCSD, this report is troubling! Assuming the PSR poster is real, I hope she brought this to the attention of someone she feels comfortable with (her hosts, the DGS or the Women in Political Science group); if not, I would encourage her to do so. Obviously, behavior like this is inappropriate and we would hope to prevent it. Speaking from my own experience (n=1 of course, but I believe I'm modal!), UCSD in an extremely welcoming place where I feel supported and invested in as a scholar, despite the resource challenges that often face public univ
  3. FWIW, I think the UCSD honest grad numbers haven't been updated recently. Here are the stats updated through this year (although the market isn't quite over): http://polisci.ucsd.edu/grad/placement/Placement%20table%202.27.141.pdf.
  4. Can't say for all schools but I would assume yes, with the goal to impress (or at least not disappoint) you. As one of our professors frequently jokes, recruitment events are the only time you will feel special in grad school I feel like there is a phdcomics about this but I can't find it right now.
  5. Lolz dude. As long as you're sharing with me...
  6. That would certainly be very nice but not expected in any way (at least not by me or others I know). Just be a considerate house guest, as I'm sure you would be anyway!
  7. Also seek out and talk to advanced grad students. Most recruitment events are overpopulated by us first-years. We can tell you a lot about what the first seven months of grad school are like and some general things about the department, but advanced students will be able to give a much more complete picture of comps, starting and funding your research, faculty advising, etc. I'm not saying be a jerk and brush off first-years, of course, but just know that our experience is only one particular window into the overall experience.
  8. I'm not an Americanist so I can't really speak to this, but people in the department will likely be upfront about expected departures if you ask them!
  9. Despite the sketchy link, I can confirm that this is a real document cc'ed to the department.
  10. I think there is an informal wait-list, but not sure how it works. There may also be a different timeline for the joint PhD with IRPS.
  11. This is correct! Drop in American was mostly due to the loss of Cox and McCubbins (professor's citations are a big driver of rankings).
  12. Sadly I have no inside info on this one. If they're doing them individually there may be more to come today, but not sure.
  13. Congrats to everyone who got offers today (and previous days too)! UCSD people feel free to PM me if you have any questions---hope to see you in March
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