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  1. Hi- I really want to get my graduate degree from a respected, accredited (both the school and the program are accredited) online program in Public Health, Human Movement, Exercise Physiology, Health Promotion, etc. I have worked in nursing for the first 30 years of my working life and then obtained several certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine, the National Strength & Conditioning Association, and the American Council on Exercise. I had a private studio after I left nursing, but wanted to use the experience and the 12 years I had of nursing education. I combined the 2 professions, if you will, and targeted people with disabilities tap into the many benefits of a well-rounded and safe exercise and nutrition program. Does anybody know of any liberal or state school that is not too expensive like ATSU that has an online program in any of these areas? Since this will be my 3rd career, I am thinking I would like to finish my working years either as a teacher, or a manager of a state health program, school health educator, or a person in charge of developing and implementing programs for grade school kids, seniors, high schoolers, or anybody in between.
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