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  1. Congrats to all of those who were successful! I applied directly to SSHRC, and unfortunately did not get accepted, although I was "wait listed". Does any one know exactly what this might mean? Do I still have a shred of hope to hang onto? Or should I just stop torturing myself? LOL.Thanks and congrats again.
  2. Thanks so much for your response. It was hugely helpful. I'm a year and half out of my undergraduate and working at a lab - you're right about the awkwardness of being in between stages. I've been plugging away at my statement for a few weeks now, but seemed to reach an impasse. Your advice will definitely help me fire out the finishing touches. Once again, much appreciated! Cheers, Nick
  3. Hi all, I am applying for a CGS award, but I am also intending to start grad school in Sept 2012. Is there anyone who is familiar with writing proposals while not enrolled in any particular grad program? I understand the general structure of the proposal when enrolled in a specific program; but how does this differ for my situation? Any help would be great! Cheers, Nick
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