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  1. I am deciding between CMU Heinz MSPPM and University of Chicago's Harris School MPP. Harris: #4 by US N&W Report in both social policy, policy analysis; Heinz: #7 in policy analysis Switched places from the last USNWR rankings for policy analysis, but both clearly top-tiered and quantitatively strong. For financial aid, Harris offered 10k/year and Heinz 24k/year. Which one should I choose? Does anyone know much about the differences between these two programs? Thanks!
  2. U-Chicago has the #1 economics dept in the country and is in the top 7 for every economics specialty, and is a HUGE name in the field. Its reputation is very conservative ("Chicago School of Economics" almost synonymous with neoclassical theories of longtime Chicago professor Milton Friedman) but getting less so now. Georgetown ranks #46 in the Economics Dept, and between 10-20 for policy specialties according to current USN&WRep rankings. So I would go with Chicago--unless you know you want to end up in DC after graduation--then neither school will steer you the wrong way.
  3. Admitted to Harris today with $10k scholarship, mentioned in 2nd paragraph of email. My UCLA letter did not mention funding, so I am assuming I did not receive any. I would pay in-state tuition at 19k/year. I wonder if Chicago knocking $10k off tuition would make it close enough to the cost of UCLA w/o funding to be worth it... In other words, how much is a fair price to pay for a few extra prestige points? Both great schools, US N&W Report ranks UCLA#14 vs. U-Chicago #10 for general public affairs and specifically for policy analysis UCLA #20 vs. Chicago #7. I know a new set of rankings comes out in a few days, but I'm not expecting huge changes. Anyone have a strong opinion on the subject? Thanks!
  4. I submitted my application a few days ago (yeah, I missed the financial aid opportunity, so if I get in I'll need to start buying lottery tickets daily). The final deadline to apply is April 2nd according to the email. I know they are totally swamped with over 1200 MPP apps to review so I wouldn't worry until late March.
  5. I plan on going to the April 2nd open house. I just have to drive about 5-6 hours. Are you?
  6. First Response this season: Accepted to UCLA Luskin MPP! No word yet about funding.
  7. I applied to Heinz MSPPM Pittburg 2-year FT track. I haven't heard anything back yet either. My status page still says Incomplete but I know they have received all the required components--I think they just haven't gotten to reviewing it yet. Also, my 3rd LOR didn't arrive until 2/4, so I guess it wasn't a complete application until then. Did anyone else have LORs that arrived more than 1-2 weeks after the application deadline? Does that make a big difference for admission decisions? I did not do the optional video, but would be curious how many other Heinz applicants did.
  8. Program Applied To (MPA, MPP, IR, etc.): MPP, MSPPM, and 1 MPP/MBA Schools Applied To: Heinz, Harris, UCLA, American, GPPI, NYU Wagner, Mills, Brandeis Schools Admitted To: Schools Rejected From: Still Waiting: All Undergraduate institution: Top 30 Liberal Arts College Undergraduate GPA: 3.69 Last 60 hours of Undergraduate GPA (if applicable): 3.82 Undergraduate Major: psychology (BA) GRE Quantitative Score: 161 (like 620 on older scale) GRE Verbal Score: 161 (770 on older scale) GRE AW Score: 4.0 GMAT: 660 Years Out of Undergrad (if applicable): 6 Years of Work Experience: 4 Describe Relevant Work Experience: Community organizing, advocacy and fundraising for political campaigns; includes 2 years of management experience, 1 year after college as research assistant for psychology professor, and a bunch of random other jobs Languages: English, very basic fluency in French Quant: Statistics and Calculus AB as an undergrad, Macroeconomics (no micro yet) Strength of SOP (be honest, describe the process, etc): Shows strong interest and commitment to social change and public service, contains humor and is somewhat entertaining to read. Possible weaker points are that the writing is not perfect stylistically and it focuses almost entirely on my last job from this summer, rather than discussing anything from academics or earlier position held. I also wrote about a controversial political issue on which the country is very divided. Strength of LOR (be honest, describe the process, etc): Professional recommendations only, which are strong, but no academic ones Other: Co-authored 2 publications from college in scientific journals with a professor, Departmental Honors in my major field
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