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  1. I also received news that I did not get the Special Collections Cataloging internship - I am still waiting on news from Vocabulary. "Warmest good wishes for your future success".
  2. You know the anxiety is kicking in when you end up on a message board hoping to see anyone has had positive news! May they hire us all, because in this pandemic world/economy we could use that extra year of hands-on experience!
  3. I will definitely let you know - I think because we both haven't heard anything that there is still some promise! I hope that we are both placed and get to be part of the same internship cohort this upcoming year
  4. @blueskies12 I applied as well. I had an interview with GRI Special Collections in late February and with GRI Vocabulary in mid-March. They both told me I would hear back sometimes in mid-April by mail... AHHhhhH the anticipation. Best of luck! :)
  5. lady rainicorn, I am also planning to visit Rutgers on the 13/14/15 of the month. I am wondering where you are staying, etc? Did they put you up with a grad student or suggest a nearby hotel/offer to get you from the airport?
  6. any word from: VCU, Hunter, or UCLA (besides the one interview, which is pretty abnormal from what I understand)
  7. Northwestern rejection today, checked their website.
  8. Yes, and I just rechecked my status online- only reflects that it was submitted, not that a decision has been made... I was under the impression that the program would review all applicants at once because of it's program structure... they probably update the website in rounds, and I should be expecting that rejection soon I got really excited a few weeks ago when they contacted me asking about a reference too. Good luck at your UPenn interview, it is a really good program.
  9. Does your status on their website reflect your rejection? I have not heard from them regarding a decision and their website does not reflect one for me either....
  10. Seriously. WHERE ARE ALL THE ANSWERS? I just want to hear it, even if it is not good news it will put my mind to rest!
  11. Already posted to the other thread, but accepted to Rutgers for sculpture by phone today.
  12. Got a phone call this evening accepting me to Rutgers for Sculpture! (HELL YES!)
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