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  1. The Ph.D. in Film Studies program at UC Berkeley is based in the Rhetoric/Speech Communications department, and you can do interdisciplinary research there with the Linguistics and/or English Departments there, you should contact some of the faculty there to see if your interests match theirs. Also, Yale has a Ph.D. double major in Film and another field of your choice, which most likely would be Comparative Literature.
  2. I am also applying for the Ph.D. in Film/Media Studies, and also have an interest in Asian cinema, specifically films from Taiwan and China. I have found that the main schools with faculty who are doing research in Asian cinema for the PhD program are UC Irvine, USC, and UC Santa Barbara. I have already contacted several professors from these schools, and they have written back to me saying that my interests match theirs and that I should apply. I recommend you contact professors from these schools too. Berkeley also has a few professors doing Asian cinema.
  3. I am applying for the Ph.D. in Film Studies programs at various universities for Fall 2012, and wanted to see if anyone had applied before and can give me my chances of being accepted. Here's my academic background: GRE: 160 Verbal (86%), 5.5 Writing (96%), 151 Quantitative (51%) B.A. in Anthropology from UC Berkeley, G.P.A. 3.00 B.F.A. in Film from California College of the Arts, GPA 3.69 M.F.A. in Film from Art Center College of Design, GPA 3.70 I wrote a Masters Thesis on the Films of Oliver Stone, and took many film seminars and theory courses for my B.F.A and M.F.A. degrees,
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