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  1. Hey! Someone posted an interview on the results page a few weeks ago... I was waiting to hear from them too but at this stage I think that no news is bad news
  2. Hi! Does anyone have any info on Penn? Have they already started organising interviews?
  3. Thanks! I'm an archaeologist. It was an email sent by the department (not a POI) to several people. I'm not sure whether that was the whole list or if they're going to offer more interview dates later. Hope that helps!
  4. Thanks for the advice! I have the feeling they haven't seen my app yet, since it still says "materials needed". If they're going to issue interviews in a week, that's not a good sign for me. But thanks for letting us all know! There's a thin line between "appearing too hungry" and showing strong dedication/motivation, and I guess it's easy to fall from one category into the other when stressed. But it's good advice!
  5. Hi everyone! Thanks for this forum, it's good to see what kind of timeline one can expect to be contacted/interviewed and so on (and to share in the collective hysteria ). Congrats to those of you who have received offers, and good luck to everyone else! I am applying again this year after a 4 year hiatus. I am particularly interested in UPenn, and my application status on applyweb still says "materials needed'. English proficiency status: needed." I haven't taken any language tests, but the admissions office said I wouldn't need to as I already have two degrees from English-speaking in
  6. Thank you so much! Do you know if they will send us emails, or traditional letters? (In my email, they said that decisions would be 'mailed' soon...)
  7. Aelizabeth, I emailed UofArizona today and they said they're still reviewing applications. Good luck!
  8. Hey k.i.ivanov, congrats on your Oxford offer. Don't forget to check colleges, they can often give partial funding to which you can apply even if you didn't select that college. There probably are departmental grants as well. Check everywhere. Don't let this deter you! and email around. You might find some useful sources of money you didn't know about. (I know that in Cambridge, some sources of funding are well-hidden; assuming it must be the same with Oxford).
  9. Same. Do you think we should have heard good news by now? Do you think we should give up hope? I applied to 4 universities and it's the only one that hasn't rejected me yet/ for which we don't know if all (edit: accepted) applicants have been notified.
  10. Hey everyone I'm a bit off-topic, but there's a question I wanted to ask. Is it possible for schools never to send you a rejection email/letter? Acceptances for two of the schools I applied to came out last week, and I didn't hear a thing, which means I didn't get in (according to people on the Grad Café, all admitted students have been told). But do you think it's possible that they'll never tell me? That they'll just throw my file without bothering with an email or status update? Do I have to email them to get the confirmation that I've been rejected? It's just that I want to tell my ad
  11. Hey it's alright I'd rather know now than find out later. Best of luck and I hope you're getting in somewhere else!
  12. One person has been accepted by UPenn, and one person has been rejected. I haven't received any email. Is that one more example of the trickling down of results as described by Laurissimo, or is it just that these people contacted their POIs? Not that I'm hopeful (I'm really not) but it would be nice to know, and I'd be very happy if anyone could give me some information
  13. Hey, it looks as if someone just posted an admittance from U of Arizona, from yesterday. Was it you, rkg2012? I mean, you said something about the official results not being available... Did you get an unofficial result? I know, it's weird for me too, to apply to an Anthropology programme, coming from Archaeology. And so far it hasn't been successful!
  14. I'm doing Archaeology and they regard it highly in my department even if it's halfway across the globe... so I would assume it's really good!
  15. Hey, I'm international too, and haven't heard. They probably didn't make the distinction between Americans and internationals. My guess is that this person asked their POI, or someone in the department, who disclosed the information to them. We probably would have more results if more people had been notified. Edit: I'm talking about U of A... sorry I didn't make this clear!
  16. Hey m41, thanks for the info. Do you know if they'll send the letters soon? Can't wait to get my rejection...
  17. Wow, this is really positive, congratulations to you! I don't think it's going to happen for me though. They probably would have given me some similar sign if they had liked my application... Oh well. At least I'll get the official rejection next week and can move on! Thanks for the information!
  18. I'm studying African archaeology this year as one of my options, yay for Sudanic kingdoms! Thank you for your help but at the moment I feel like I won't get in anywhere. The problem with me is that the geographic area I want to focus on is primarily studied in America. If I stay in Europe I will have to change my entire plans. I can't study what I truly want here, and it was more of a plan B. I think I'll be happy studying this other geographical area, eventually, but it's hard for me to give up on my dream.
  19. Lucky you! At least you have an acceptance So far I've been rejected by Brown and waiting on 3 universities. (Although it looks like I got rejected by UPenn, too?)... Congrats on UCSB and don't worry for the incomplete status. When I rang UPenn back in December they said it was normal, just a technical problem.
  20. I just saw that someone got an interview for UPenn... Does this school usually do interviews? The results from the past few years are not very informative because apparently most people got rejected, or admitted off the waiting list. Does anyone know anything about it? My hopes dropped as I saw this (I didn't get an interview).
  21. @Nic 42 if you look at the results page from previous years, it's unlikely that Harvard will let you know before end of Feb/beginning of March. And your letter will come in the snail mail. And Columbia, probably the end of March.
  22. For Cambridge I know that they are still in the process of going through applications, etc.They are quite slow (and term started like three weeks ago). Don't worry if you haven't heard anything yet. You'll probably hear later this month or in early March. I mean, I know more about the process in the Division of Archaeology, but I suppose it's similar for Socanth and Bioanth. I don't know about Oxford though, can't help you there.
  23. Thank you for the information. As I said yesterday, I didn't think there was a chance anymore. But it's nice to get the confirmation and be able to move on! Best of luck to you and I hope you get into another school
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