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  1. Go, go, go applicants!

    1. VBD


      *Power Rangers guitar riff*

  2. Headed to Duke in the fall. Hope to see some of you there!

  3. Headed to Duke in the fall. Hope to see some of you there!

    1. Chande


      I'll be there!

  4. Sometimes I really miss all you guys... Anyone going to DUKE? 'Cause I'll SEE YOU THERE!
  5. I like your news because it's news, not because of its contents!
  6. Oh how I miss the days of hundreds of posts to catch up on...
  7. Coming from a liberal arts background, it's sometimes weird to hear about people applying to their alma mater for grad school...I'm like...you can do that? Then I remember.
  8. Aw, shucks... Nice ones so far, guys!
  9. Fun should be like confetti...you throw it at whomever you choose and it sticks no matter how one tries to brush it off!

  10. 'SUP, PEEPS! Okay, so, I've been sitting on this idea, but I thought now might be a nice time. I dunno, just went with my gut or something. I propose...superlatives! What are our favorite Poli Sci GradCafe-ers most likely to do? Where will they go in the future? What do they do now? What sorts of fashion trends are they mostly likely to start? What mythological beast would they keep as a pet? These can be serious...they can be humorous...they shouldn't be malicious...they should be FUN! For example: grantman is most likely to moonlight as a motivational speaker Users can get more than one superlative; we have different aspects to our [perceived] personalities! I hope that everyone gets a few! Let's have fun while we can, since we're desperate to sign our lives away to the vortex of misery known as academia!
  11. Pulling for you! Rumor mill (the Commission) in Ankara said they're expanding the program by 20 spots. GOOD LUCK!
  12. I brought in AP Stats credit but never took any straight-up math courses during my time as an undergrad (though I wish I had). No econ, no nothin'. Was going to audit econometrics, but my schedule was too packed. That said, my thesis, which was accepted for a panel discussion at a national conference, was based around an fsQCA analysis, which combines quantitative and qualitative methods (see the work of Charles Ragin). I worked one-on-one with a professor to learn everything about fsQCA in order to effectively use it. So, what I had in "methods training" wasn't formal or exclusively quantitative. Then again, I didn't get into a number of schools that are known for their quant-heavy approaches.
  13. Great thread, guys. I'm a big quality of life and quality of research potential/support person.
  14. Have you considered doing a program in Peace and Conflict Resolution rather than Poli Sci? There was a point when I thought I wanted to pursue PCR and looked into a number of PhD and terminal Masters programs, many of which were international universities that are very respected in the PCR world (a little different than the heavy American school bias of American Poli Sci academia). Besides not requiring the GRE, many of the programs are at the forefront of the field. If you're interested in the actual practitioner side of PCR, or if you want to do research on it and teach about it full-time, I would consider getting more specialized and going after that type of degree.
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