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  1. I went to grad school the first time around for Economics. I would say half our class did not have a degree in economics, and some had only taken a couple economics classes at all. If you have a strong math background, that is much more important because a graduate degree in economics is all about math. The research experience would be a big plus though, if staying an extra year would allow you to develop that, I would do it (assuming it's financially viable).
  2. It can mean a variety of things and you'll need to call to find out. It can mean there was a problem at the testing center, some sort of problem with the test, or an allegation of misconduct. Or, I'm sure, many other things.
  3. Anyone heard from GWU for the PPA PhD? I saw a few rejections go up on Friday and now I'm going slightly batty overanalyzing whether I should take that to mean I passed a first round of cuts or what.
  4. A few rejections were posted for my program last Friday. Based on past years it seems like they send out some rejections, then waitlist and admits, and then sometimes additional rejections, spaced through about a week. So now I'm overanalyzing like crazy. Am I in? Am I at least waitlisted? WHY ON EARTH DON'T THEY SEND ALL THE DECISIONS ON THE SAME DAY? pheeeeeeeee.
  5. Every damned day. "Under review". REVIEW FASTER.
  6. Yeah, 8ish years ago when I was on this merry-go-round the first time, I applied to 15 schools. There were at least a handful that I simply never heard anything from after the "application received" notification. And there were another handful that I had to call up basically a day or two of April 15 to get them to admit I had been rejected.
  7. Yeah I get a lot of "Did you get your acceptance yet?" GAH. 4% admit rate!!! It is not a sure thing!!! Does they think that that's because 96% of the applications they receive are just grossly unqualified?
  8. Yup, when I was in my first go-round with this process I applied to a relatively unusual program, a sort of multi-disciplinary psych/econ/stats/social science thing, and we had out and out interviews with students during the prospective student weekend, and it was clearly stated that several of those students sat on the admissions committee with voting rights equivalent to faculty. I suspect this is probably more common in a) smaller programs and b ) more "unusual" programs. But it definitely can happen. I actually found it nice - meeting with the existing graduate students gave me a muc
  9. Oddly, this is one place where the onus is actually on us, the applicants! Guess we get a little bit of power in this crazy process...
  10. I think that unless this is a major title bump ("Research Assistant" to "Director") it's probably not worth it unless you know for sure that the application review process hasn't started. If everything is still in the hands of the administrative folks, it might not be too big a deal to update it, but if they've already disbursed packages to the adcomm to review, it would be a much bigger effort on their side to add an update to yours. At least for the program I applied to, I could tell when the materials went out to the adcomm, because my application status changed from "submitted" to "un
  11. It's possible to get an unfunded first round admit. Typically it would mean that you're waitlisted for funding. But isilya is correct that funding offers don't always arrive simultaneous to admission offers. I don't think you would be out of line to email back and inquire about when you will hear about funding/your funding status, given it's been nearly a month.
  12. Some schools don't notify waitlist students, since their admission status is still up in the air (could go admit, could go reject). When I did my first round of grad admissions 8ish years ago, I discovered that some schools even effectively don't reject anyone - it's either admit or you're on the waitlist. You might be #5,762 on the waitlist, but they still wouldn't out and out say I was rejected. So, you may be waitlisted. I would give it to the end of the month, and then send some email inquiries or make some phone calls for places that seem to have made notifications based on the res
  13. TBH I hadn't heard the word "defalcated" before, but having looked it up, it seems it is a synonym for embezzle and thus only applies to financial theft. Whereas purloin is a synonym for steal or thieve, which can apply to any object.
  14. Woohoo! May your good luck* rub off on all of us. *not meant in any way to imply that your getting in was merely a matter of luck.
  15. Ultimately, the issue is that many programs receive applications from many qualified and highly qualified applicants. So any one weak spot on your application could be a reason to choose another candidate over you. Is there a reason you're opposed to just resitting the GRE? You've got plenty of time, and if it was just an off day, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to do better on the quant section.
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