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  1. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone knows about the medical anthropology masters programs at botson university and george washington Univ? It would be great, if someone can shed some lights on how these programs are compared to each other, or/and how they are compared to other med anthro masters programs out there (ex: USF, Case western reserves...etc)! faculty resources. research grants...? btw, I found it interesting that the med anthro program at BU is offered under their medical school, not the anthropology department...what do you think about this? Please please help me! Thanks!
  2. Hi fanfox! i didn't hear anything from berkeley med anthro either...no interview. it looks like 2 people got accepted this year. im too afraid to ask the department about my application status. it is probably bad news at this point. are you med anthro too? if you don't mind me asking, where else are you applying for med anthro?
  3. @benedict: congrats! Thanks for letting me know. if you don't mind me asking, who is your POI at berkeley? i haven't heard from them. i guess that means i'm out.
  4. Same here! did anyone hear from Berkeley medical anthro?? interview? reject? acceptance? PLEASE please let me know! @fanfox: were you invited for interview?
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