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  1. Yeah I never got around to The Great Gatsby either. In fact, I feel like I've missed out on most post-colonial American literature. I've always intended to read some Hemingway, but I always seem to forget.
  2. Dear English/Lit folks: please allow a humble outsider (with an MA in Spanish and French lit) to opine with regards to Joyce. I love Joyce!!! I've read and done comparative work with all three novels (though one never really "reads" FW, rather s/he must be reading it over and over). As for the idea that he intended it to be difficult, I disagree (as does much of the scholarship). First of all, we all know authorial intention is of little to no import and the author has been dead for years. Second, if he had any intention at all, it was to create a work which would allow for an infinitude of interpretations (v. Eco). If this was his intention, he accomplished it masterfully.
  3. I'm in a similar situation. My M.A. is in Spanish and French, but not linguistics. However, instead of applying to just Linguistics Departments, I applied to programs in Hispanic linguistics which are usually housed in Departments of Spanish and Portuguese. For you Francophones out there, some schools also treat French linguistics similarly. So far I've been accepted to 3 out of 7 schools. I also took whatever linguistics courses I could and I think it helped. I figured my chances were pretty slim getting into a Ph.D. program in Linguistics, which is why I took the approach I did. Also, this is my second year of the application process. Best of luck all!
  4. Congrats to the MIT acceptance(s)! That's awesome!!!
  5. "That, and having discussions with every friend that has a baby (wow, your baby is HOW OLD and is already producing interdentals?), " Love the baby with the interdentals! I would say my nerdiest linguistics moment was in an Elementary Spanish course when I attempted to teach students stem-changing verbs by illustrating the logic behind their historical development, as well as parallel developments in French. I'm pretty sure it went way over their heads, but I enjoyed myself!
  6. I applied to different department, Spanish and Portuguese, but my status still says "In Review." I heard it through the grapevine that some applicants have already been offered admission via a phone call. I have yet to have been called, nor have I received notification by mail. So I'm hoping I'm still in the running!
  7. I've often wondered about this myself. So far during my interviews, no one has asked me about the other schools I've been accepted at. However, I don't know if this is the case with everyone, but most of the schools to which I applied actually asked you to list other programs to which you've applied ON THE APPLICATION. So most of the committees do probably already know at least to where else we've applied and, maybe where we've been accepted.
  8. Cool. That's kind of my plan as well. I'm also halfway through the first book. So far it's pretty much been the same as the show. I wonder if HBO's doing one book per season? While I am enjoying the books, I will make one semi-pretentious literary observation: Martin's prose is nothing to brag about. He's better than some, but, of course, he's no Tolkien. And he definitely overuses the verb "to pad," as in "the wolf padded closer to Arya." I can see using it with animals from time to time, but he also uses it with humans! Tell me, how does one pad? I'll stop here because I've already gone overboard (Lit. majors will understand, I'm sure).
  9. I know this is lame, don't judge! I'm reading the Game of Thrones books by George R.R. Martin. It's nice being able to read something without having to over-analyze it, as I had to do during my Master's. So long narratology, deconstruction, Bakhtin, Lacan, intertext, etc.!
  10. So they call first? Now I have to be constantly checking my phone as well! Lol. I'm sure I'll know something soon, be it good or bad news, since this recruitment weekend is March 1. By the way PhDreaming, does OSU cover any expenses for the visit?
  11. i can't stop checking my e-mail/appstatus website/mailbox for some kind of notification from Hispanic Linguistics at OSU!!! Last year I got a rejection letter dated Feb. 8, so I must hear something soon!
  12. Como muchas cosas, creo que depende del programa. En algunos, recibes una maestría en ruta al doctorado. En otros, sí, es necesario tener una maestría. Debes ver los websites para los detalles.
  13. If that question's directed to me, I have clarify that I've still not been accepted. I was given an interview just to verify my Spanish and all signs point to acceptance, but I have yet to receive notification from the department or the Graduate School. My status on MyUW still says "pending."
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