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  1. this is interesting because the idea of having 2 start over again makes me want to die.
  2. osu. toaster and academicat, facebook friendship?? https://www.facebook.com/kathrynperry
  3. i don't think that is funny at all. me love kate chopin long time. get it. it's a joke. (eyerolls)
  4. i'm not going to be there but ive already accepted so if any of you decide to go to osu, we should be fb friends.
  5. i was under the impression that waves means rolling admissions, but… who knows?
  6. any time you are getting money for being smart and/or teaching it looks good.
  7. bhr, i submitted my stuff late and it wasn't a problem.
  8. osu does a rolling admissions thing so i wouldn't despair about that app yet.
  9. the diff is that duke lit is the coolest program in the universe.
  10. they're also bringing in two new faculty members next year who are both really cool.
  11. miami's ma program is a good choice. hope you considered it. you can also work with some people there who can definitely feed you into fancier programs like purdue. it's also like the high priority program in the department so they get the most opportunities to do interesting things and teach interesting classes, even at the ma level.
  12. i love the macbook air because of its ssd which means you can drop it on the ground 1000 times and it never dies. i would recommend it.
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