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  1. Mooglesm, I'm fairly sure they have made their decisions. I Contacted the Department head, and was given my rejection in late March. They had twice the usual number of applicants. They offered me a spot on the Archaeology side of the department, but I'm committed to bioanth.. Who knows though you might be in line for a spot if someone backs out at the last minute, so they are holding off. Good luck. I decided to accept my offer from Durham, so I'm off to the UK this fall.
  2. I just talked to my number one Choice, they STARTED looking at applications Yesterday. Applications were due January 15th. I had convinced myself I hadn't even gotten an interview and was pretty upset. So calm down out there everybody, I think this year is just a bit slower than previous seasons. Good luck and stay sane.
  3. University of Washington has funding troubles, they only took 2 last year, and one of those was because of a last minute grant coming through. They were originally only going to take a single person.
  4. Hi, so not to be overly blunt, but right now you are not qualified, but that's ok. What others have said is correct Archaeology programs like field experience, you will need AT LEAST a field school to get into a doctoral program. Also, it is highly dependent on the department but in my experience archaeology graduate students are not 22 or 23 years old, the programs prefer someone a bit older. This is not true across the board, but you generally have to be driven to the point of singularly focused madness to get into a top program right out of undergrad. At this point you should start t
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