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  1. Adblanche- thanks so much. A very informative post. I had heard that about Georgetown's programs. Seems like I need to narrow down my career aspirations once and for all. I think Georgetown probably has *enough* flexibility so that, even if I have a change of heart towards academia, I can still pivot. As for UChicago, you hit the nail on the head. I mentioned Lisa Wedeen in my application, and used her "Ambiguities of Domination" extensively in my undergrad thesis. I would love to work with her so maybe I'll shoot her an e-mail. I know a student or two in the A.M. program at Harv
  2. @Tristram- thanks for the advice. I will consider contacting someone from the Georgetown program. Thanks also, Dushtu- I sent you a message with the specifics of my conversation with the program director. I've been poking around the Georgetown website and what not- I actually think it has an edge over the Harvard program. For me, the fact that Harvard doesn't allow a deferral for a major national grant in their field of research shows that they care little about my personal and professional future. In a program that gives no funding to AM students (and costs ~60k a year), one would th
  3. Hello all, I need your help! I am an applicant to Master's programs in Middle East Studies. I have been accepted to my top 3 programs - Georgetown's Master's in Arab Studies (MAAS), Harvard's Center for Middle East Studies (Harvard CMES), and the University of Chicago's Center for Middle East Studies (Chicago CMES). In addition, I am currently waiting on the second round decision for a Fulbright full grant to Jordan. My research interests lie mostly in modern Middle Eastern politics. The majority of my undergraduate work has centered on Syria and Lebanon in particular. I am in my
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