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  1. about 50% of the people graduated from my program without any job offers, holy shit. 

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    2. Quantum Buckyball

      Quantum Buckyball

      My friend and I were trying to identify those graduated from our program in the past 5 years actually got an offer prior to their dissertation defense and we couldn't identify any. Most people graduate and then stay in the same lab as a short term postdoc while keep applying. :(

    3. Neist


      The program I'm entering has a good placement record, but it's deliberately kept very small. I had a discussion this weekend with a faculty member here, and he told me that they've actually been criticized for being too small. The department's counter was that there was no way they could ever hope to place that many graduates, and it would be irresponsible to on more.

      I still don't know what my odds are. I'm hopeful, but you never know. I have my library degree to fall on if all else fails. One can do a lot with a library degree.

    4. Quantum Buckyball

      Quantum Buckyball

      We take in 25~30 new students each year, when I entered the program, it was the biggest class ever, we had 34 kids. Long story short, only about 60% of people are completing with a PhD (or attempt to) and the other 40% left the program with or without a MS. I think it's good that your program is aware of surplus of PhDs but my program completely ignored it, they just wanted to make sure they have enough people to teach low level chemistry classes. 

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