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  1. Any thoughts on the MFA in Design and Technology from Parsons Vs. the MFA in interaction design from SVA? I was accepted to both programs and am having a hard time deciding. I like the program at SVA much more, but Parsons offered me a pretty generous scholarship
  2. I have been accepted to two MFA programs and am facing a dilemma in deciding between the two. I would love to hear any advice anyone has to offer. The first program is an MFA in Interaction Design from the School of visual arts and the second is an MFA in Design+Technology from Parsons. SVA is my dream school and definitely has the upper hand in terms of quality of faculty, and student work. Parsons on the other hand offered me a scholarship worth 50% of my tuition. It is still a good program, but i have some serious reservations about it, namely its size (90 per class as opposed to
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