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  1. No word from Berkeley here. I'm going to wait another week or so, then contact someone there to see how things are progressing with the wait list. I'm guessing their new admits most likely had to say whether or not they're enrolling by May 1, so maybe they'll have more information by the end of May. Meanwhile, I've accepted UCLA's offer, but they are aware of my Berkeley situation and know I may back out if I get off Berkeley's wait list. But I'm setting myself a deadline for Berkeley (probably July 1). If I don't hear from them by then, I'll take myself off the Berkeley wait list and move to lovely Los Angeles in August. It seems Berkeley and UCLA have comparable programs, so for me it's strictly a question of geography. I'm not at all a SoCal girl, but it looks like I'll probably become one soon.
  2. Sorry to hear you're wait-listed, especially now that you're wait-listed at two UC schools. That's no fun at all, but at least you're no longer in UCLA limbo. Keep us posted.
  3. Thanks for the MFT info! I still think I'm going to take the MSW route, largely because I have a very narrow undergraduate degree (print journalism), so I'm hoping my master's turns out to be much more broad. Still, it's good to see more states are taking the MFT license.
  4. I've asked myself a similar question. I've been accepted to the MFT program at SF State and the MSW program at UCLA. I also want to take a clinical/counseling route. After asking both LCSWs and MFTs about their experiences and job opportunities, I've decided to take the MSW route. It seems like there are many more job opportunities with an MSW/LCSW, and the MFT license is not valid out of the state of California. I've even had people with counseling degrees suggest I do the MSW instead. To me, that says a lot. All that said, Pepperdine sounds like a good option for you. But I think the MSW is the best route in the long run. Good luck in the decision process! I know it's tough.
  5. Congrats, flowerchicken! I'm also accepted at UCLA and also will be suffering through the dreaded stats class this summer. Why, oh why, did I bomb stats as an undergrad? Oh yeah, because I was a journalism major.
  6. I am on the wait list for the Health concentration with seven other lovely people. I'm not sure how many people are wait-listed in the other concentrations. I sure hope you're right about lots of out-of-state folks turning them down as Berkeley is my top choice and this wait-list situation is driving me bananas!
  7. I can't believe you guys are still being dragged along by UCLA! That sucks. I'm still waiting to hear from CSU Sacramento, which is pretty much out of the running now that UCLA is in the picture (even though I live in Sacramento). Every place I've been accepted wants notification by May 1. How are you supposed to do that when you're still waiting for notifications?
  8. I got a call from Lance Fooks on Friday afternoon informing me I've been accepted at UCLA! Yay! Formal acceptance letter should be coming in the next few days. Hope the rest of you hear very soon. Meanwhile, I'm still in wait-list limbo at Berkeley. I received an e-mail from the assistant admissions director telling me there are eight people on the wait list in my concentration (Health), and in an average year they take 2-3 people off the wait list per concentration. So now I'm in a new kind of limbo. Though I'm thrilled about UCLA, Berkeley is still my first choice. I live in the area and for many logistical reasons as well as personal ones, it's a perfect fit. But I can't wait on them forever. UCLA is a great school, and I'm inclined to say yes but keep Berkeley as a possibility for a while longer. Does anyone have any other thoughts on this? Limbo sucks, especially when the next two years of your life are on the line.
  9. "Alpha form" does sound like an alphabetical system, but that still seems a bit odd to me. Perhaps you should contact your concentration head. I doubt it would hurt anything. Which concentration did you apply to? Berkeley is far and away my top choice, so this wait-list thing is driving me nuts! And it might be driving me nuts until Aug. 15.
  10. Who did you speak to at Berkeley? When I called the admissions office after receiving my wait-list letter, I spoke to the receptionist who answered the phone. She told me the list is not ranked, but rather divided based on the applicant's concentration (i.e. Health, Mental Health, Gerontology, etc.). I've never heard anything about the list being ranked alphabetically. If that's the case, my last name starts with R, so I'm probably screwed. :x I then contacted an acquaintance who graduated from the program last year. He suggested I contact the head of my chosen concentration (in my case, Health). The Health concentration director sent me a very nice e-mail saying he didn't know all the specifics of the wait-list process, but he referred me to someone in admissions who could "explain our protocol to you, and we follow it strictly so as to be fair and equitable to all candidates." I'm still waiting to hear back from the admissions contact. I seriously doubt strict protocol equals an alphabetical wait-list, but who knows. Best of luck to you, too! Let's keep each other posted.
  11. I got a call from the Admissions Director at UCLA yesterday saying the Admissions Committee wanted him to contact me to confirm I am taking a statistics course this summer, as I indicated on my application. I told him I was enrolling at my local community college as soon as I could. I also asked him if he could tell me anything else about my admissions status, and he said he couldn't at this time. So based on that conversation, it sounds like the Admissions Committee is still reviewing applications. I've been wait-listed for Berkeley's MSW program. Is there anyone else out there in the same boat?
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