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  1. JuneGem: I emailed Lance yesterday to see if I could find out about the ranking of the waitlist, but I have not heard back. I have not received confirmation that I was placed on the waitlist, but I am sure he received my email response. If 70 people were sent notices, I am sure there are alot of people emailing with the same question. I will let you know if I hear anything.
  2. Unbelievable! This process has really been trying. I just hope I hear one way or another before the Stats class starts this summer. I am glad you are at least on the waitlist though, and that you finally received word back. I asked for a confirmation of my place on the waiting list after I sent the email back stating I was interested and I still haven't received that. Oh well.
  3. An email from the department. There was no change to my status on the graduate website.
  4. I can't believe you haven't heard anything! That is so crazy. Since I got waitlisted, maybe you are still in the actual running. Don't give up hope.
  5. I was just wait listed today. Anyone else hear anything?
  6. Congrats! Here is to keeping the hope alive!!
  7. I'll take a rejection with a free mini cooper any day. That's awesome.
  8. Me too. I am sure it is a rejection for me though. I am accepting a different school tomorrow--just have to pick!
  9. Thanks Kimmeth. I was worried about the MFT transferring to different states since I had heard the same thing and I do not intend to stay in California. It is not true, however, 48 of the states do accept the MFT license and as far as clinical work goes, the rate of billing is the same. So if you are still thinking about the MFT, I would take a look here: http://www.aamft.org/resources/Online_D ... ntacts.asp. I have heard some mixed reviews as well. It seems like the younger the therapist the more they said it didn't matter. I do think that the MSW in the beginning is a more employable degree.
  10. Ugh! I am trying to decide which school to go to since my number one has yet to tell me if I am accepted or not. I could go to Pepperdine for their MFT program or USC for their MSW program. While I like the ranking of USC, the MSW degree and the potential USC connections, I don't like the $80,000 approx. price tag. I am not getting any financial aid and there are no available assistantships. Additionally, I would like to take the clinical route and pursue licensure as an LCSW, which requires 3200 hours post degree. I like the clinical focus of the Pepperdine program, the much less expensive $45,000 price tag and that my externship hours will count toward the 3000 hours for licensure. I am concerned that it is not as well-respected of a program and I have heard that MFTs are rarely paid for their clinical training hours. So, what would you do? My end goal is to provide therapy and gain additional certification to act as a mediator. Help!
  11. Congrats Kimmeth! Has anyone else received an update from UCLA?
  12. I am waiting on UCLA too. So sad. I really had hope when someone heard last Friday and I had received positive feedback two weeks ago, but now I am worried. I hope I am on some informal wait list and if someone decides not to go I can!
  13. Ugh. Me too. I called this morning and left a message. I really thought we would hear today.
  14. I don't think so. I haven't heard yet and I applied before the December 15th deadline. I get the feeling it is an unofficial waiting list. We'll see what today's mail holds!!
  15. I was about to call too. I think you're right about April 15th. I am in the same boat as you are. I have to let the other two schools know and I have already asked for extensions. I like both of the programs, they are just so expensive with no funding decisions being made until May!! How does it work with accepting? Can you decline later if you get off of a waitlist? I would feel terrible doing that.
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