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  1. How many do they admit per class? 110? Does anybody know?
  2. Hi MinderBinder22 & NYCgee: I'm with you on the waiting-for-decision syndrome. Nervous and am checking my email every 10 mins or so. Sybil
  3. @Helms and Jabrakes: Congrats! Are you guys International applicants? I guess International students need to get visas and stuff so early notification helps. @Minderbinder22: I agree, I've heard that the acceptance rate is 1 in 3 at ITP.
  4. Let's all stay in touch... sybil
  5. Hi, Anybody here has received early admission to NYU's ITP program yet? I have applied for fall 2012. Any idea on when the decisions will start trickling in? Thanks, Sybil
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