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  1. I am moving from Southern California to Colorado and I am worried about staying motivated during the winter months. I love running, but I'm not so sure that I will love it in the freezing cold... I will attempt to make the gym part of my routine, but that will take extreme dedication as I hate the gym! Any suggestions for working out in cold climates??
  2. Hi aicirtap, Loma Linda usually does not get as many applicants as other CA school because it is private and Seventh Day Adventist, also its application is very lengthy and has a lot of questions, so some people may not want to take the time to complete it. Also, they have an interview and are very interested in choosing people that they like and they feel will make a difference in the field of SLP. From what I have heard Fullerton and Long Beach both have very high GPA and GRE standards. I have heard a number of times that Fullerton only accepts 4.0 students. The traditional program at Long Beach seems to base their decision solely on GPA and GRE because they do not require letters of rec or a personal statement. I do not know that much about SDSU, but they do have a bilingual program so your Spanish skills may be highly desired there. Overall, I would recommend continuing trying to do well in all your remaining classes and keep up the research and volunteer experience. I think that research experience is a VERY good way to stand out among other applicants. As far as the GRE, if you can afford to take a prep course that might be a good way to prepare, they will teach you all the tricks to help you and it may motivate you to study during the summer. Finally, I would suggest looking into applying for schools outside California as well, if possible. By applying to a wide variety of schools you will definitely increase your chances of being accepted. Letters of rec. can be very, very helpful in getting you noticed so do your best to stand out to your current professors and supervisors so that they are able to write you more personalized letters. Best of Luck!!
  3. schmetterling: Thanks for the information about family housing :-) I will definitely look into that. I have also been looking on craigslist for apartments, I will be moving to Boulder in May/June because I found a summer job, so I need an apartment asap and it seems like all the graduate apartments have long wait lists. I really hope that I am able to find something nice and affordable. Good luck with your future endeavors. Where are you going for your PhD?
  4. I just accepted CU Boulder today!! I attended the open house on Friday and I am very excited about their program. I can't wait to move to Colorado!! Anyone on here interested in talking about sharing an apartment let me know
  5. SunnyWade: I am so sorry to hear that this happened to you! I cannot even imagine what you are going through. I really hope that everything works out, and it seems like the UNR must really want to consider you. Good luck and don't worry about ranting... all of us would do the same if we were in your position. It is what gradcafe was designed for....
  6. I was also accepted to Pacific University and I have been seriously considering accepting. I really loved the faculty and campus when I went to visit. It seemed as though everyone was really invested in creating an outstanding program, plus the addition of the staff from PSU. My only concern is the issue with their pending candidacy, I am somewhat worried about that. Is anyone else concerned about that? I will be visiting CU Boulder on Friday to help me make my decision, but Pacific does have a little place in my heart, so it will be hard to decline their offer.
  7. yoquierocafe

    San Diego, CA

    Rancho Bernardo is definitely the suburbs! I used to work as a nanny in one of the subdivisions and it is a FAMILY place, lots of parks, grocery stores, restaurants, but I am not sure that there is any sort of nightlife in the area. As a recent graduate you will probably be bored out of your mind if you live near there. That being said, you could always live elsewhere and commute to campus. Depending on your class schedule traffic can be tough, so you may need to consider that but, there are a lot of nice areas surrounding San Diego. Distance wise Rancho Bernardo is about 20-25 miles from San Diego. There are a lot of communities surrounding San Diego, and anything inland is going to be more FAMILY oriented (as rent is and houses are cheaper), so I would suggest looking at places closer to the beach. Also, since Rancho Bernardo is further inland it gets quite hot during the summer. Hope this helps and sorry to not shed a more positive light on the area.... let me know if you have any more questions.. good luck
  8. Just received an email from CU Boulder saying that they will be sending out the remainder of their decisions this week and if we do not hear by Wednesday to contact them. Also, they said they received over 500 applicants this year!!! I just want to know... like, right now!! The wait is killing me and preventing me from doing anything productive. Good Luck to Everyone!!
  9. Looking back on previous years it seems that they have sent out decisions around the 18th to 22nd of March. Hope they do the same this year!!! Good luck to everyone :-)
  10. I am crossing my fingers that CU Boulder sends out their decisions tomorrow! It is the last school that I am waiting to hear from and I am hoping for some good news :-)
  11. I applied for the traditional MA program at CSULB. I received an email last Thursday saying that I was put on the waitlist.
  12. Yeah, I have no idea!!! Although I know it is too late for the website to be updated I am still checking it. HAHA... Another sleepless night...
  13. I also haven't heard anything... my application status still says "submitted".... The waiting is killing me!!
  14. Email from University of Oregon that letters will be mailed out mid-April. So long to wait!!!
  15. I also got the same type of email from University of Colorado stating there was a delay in processing the applications, but that I was "one of their top candidates" and they would be making the decision in the next few weeks. I am not sure what to think of it either and I am hesitant to get my hopes up. Here's to hoping they make their decision soon!
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