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  1. Is it safe to say that "hear by tomorrow" means hear by June? They told me my application was complete via email last week. I have a document tracker on one of my transcripts and the document has been opened several times within the past week, so it makes sense that they have made the decision.
  2. probably one of the most amazing posts i've seen to date. if they say yes, you must show photos!
  3. I'm anxiously waiting on hearing back from Fletcher. It won't be until at least mid-May though...
  4. Has anyone on the waitlist heard anything yet?
  5. Has anyone that has been accepted to this program heard about financial aid? Is anyone considering going? are there any current students/graduates out there????
  6. OregonGal, This is tough. I'm in a similar situation, but frankly, I cannot wait another year. Also, I'm not sure I would find that amazing job/internship that would really polish my applications because every place I have applied to wants people that either have a master's or are in grad school. But, I'm also older than you are...I think (I'm 26). Waiting a year is a gamble. But it might be worth it to you. But think, its not actually waiting a full year...it's more like waiting 6 or 7 months (because of deadlines). Is this enough time for you to find W.E.? Let alone learn and grow from it? Also enough time to garner a LOR from a potential supervisor? Quick question: why didn't you apply to American? I'm sure you would have gotten in there no problem.
  7. Well, I'm from Chicago and taken one UChicago class with people that were at Harris. It is definitely heavy academics -- not so practitioner-friendly, but Chicago is wonderful. And a UChicago education is top-notch. Hyde Park is cloistered, and Chicago is certainly not an NYC or DC in terms of internship/job opportunities or the like, but it is still quite international. If I were you, I would pay Harris a visit and Chicago a visit in general. A full ride is hard to pass up, in my opinion.
  8. did you get an email? or just randomly check?
  9. saying that your results will be released on (or very close to, at least) the ides of march is kind of a foreboding thing to do, eh? eh, schools????!
  10. yes, mine is also a generic, not program-specific letter.
  11. wow, that's quite an acceptance! congratulations! i'm guessing you have a decent amount of experience?
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