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  1. Do you think it'd be odd to personally deliver a card? All of my recommenders are fairly close so I'd like to thank them some way.
  2. Let's just make one thing clear: a B is not "tanking" a class. I would assume that unless your grades are significantly different than what you've gotten throughout your undergraduate career (i.e. went from straight A's to straight C's in your last semester), you won't have to worry about an offer being rescinded.
  3. Depending on when the deadlines were, you should be hearing in early May. The schools I applied to with deadlines in March said that's when I'd be hearing, and one school with a February deadline isn't making decisions until May either. Having been through the "I'm never getting in!" up until yesterday, just hang on. It'll make it sweeter when you get it.
  4. Just got my first and second official rejections, and one which is basically a no. In 24 hours of each other. I only applied to 8 programs, and I'm really starting to lose hope. I'm down to only 5, 2 of which are long shots, one of which is a snowball's-chance-in-hell shot, and 2 which are unlikely. I'm not entirely sure which way is up right now.
  5. What about for programs with deadlines in February and March? Obviously they can't be extending interview offers in December if they're not even reviewing applications. Anyone in the same boat?
  6. Brace yourselves, I've been keeping a list of the insensitive stuff people have said to me throughout this process in order to try and get a laugh out of all the misery. • "Just like... don't think about it." Silly me! I should have thought of that! • "Why did you apply?" I have to justify my existence to myself and several admissions committees daily already. Go away. • "So what are you going to study?" Honestly? IF I get in, I'll do whatever they tell me to do and love the heck out of it. • "So how are you doing?" Honestly? Been better. What I'll tell you? "Fine." • "Guess you'll j
  7. I have a good feeling for this coming two weeks. I'm just going to keep counting every day I don't get bad news as a victory!!
  8. ^^ The results search is actually kind of helpful for that. It's a relief knowing that decisions were not out at this time last year. Small victories?
  9. I applied to eight schools with deadlines between January 1st and March 15th. I haven't heard from a SINGLE ONE. And when I say haven't heard, I mean NOTHING. Not for interviews, nothing past "We have your stuff, don't call us, we'll call you." I'm officially in panic mode.
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