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  1. It was a no fro MUN. Ivy called me this morning as she noted my application had been screened out right away and called me back based on the call I made Monday. She is a really nice lady! Good luck everyone still waiting!
  2. Hi! I just called memorial and they will have decisions on the 23rd!
  3. I finally got my email of acceptance for University of Calgary!!!
  4. I don't think waiting is a skill I possess, or one that I do well.... congrats on Dal!
  5. Except that I finish my BSW this term, so they pull 13 completed credits from it and top up the other 7 from my BA :/ I am sure that when I apply for 2017 I will have way less to be worried about thank you for your supportive words!!
  6. My GPA will come from my current BSW program combined with a significantly lower GPA from my first degree, so it will put a very big dent in everything. But, the faculty knows who I am and I have years of experience, so maybe they will look at all the hoops I've jumped (taking the BSW) and how many times I have applied and take pity on me!!
  7. Thanks and good luck to you! I am a very unlikely candidate to get in. Is your roommate current in the BSW at UCalgary?
  8. The advance standing program is the 1 year program instead of the 2 year "foundation year" program
  9. Advanced standing MSW at UCalgary, anyone??? I am assuming it'll be the end of March, but I am trying to figure my life out and so much of it hinges on whether or not I get in.... I suppose if I don't hear by mid-April from them or MUN, I can safely assume it's a no, correct? Congrats to everyone that has gotten in!!!
  10. Thanks so much for the support! Just 4 more weeks to find out I guess - I hope they don't wait too long to send the rejections so I will know for sure as quickly as possible!
  11. Thank you for posting this! I was considering calling them tomorrow to inquire about it. One of my references completely forgot to send my reference in despite my relentless asking and it was 2.5 weeks late - so I don't feel very good about my chances I went to MUN for my first degree and I would love to be finally have a solid reason to move home, so fingers crossed!!!
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