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  1. Has anyone heard from the UPitt side of CNBC?
  2. I don't know if they're even close to done... don't lose hope. BTW, who are the POIs?
  3. I think CUNY interviews are going out today. I heard an hour ago.
  4. Do you want to be in a lab where "slow progress" is a problem?
  5. Hey I was wondering if the person who said they were accepted to CUNY's Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience program could PM me the name of their POI. Thanks so much!
  6. Anyone hear from U Michigan-Ann Arbor's Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience program?
  7. Hey ck926. Do you think he hasn't interviewed you because he knows you already (so, what's the point of an interview)? I don't know how this works, but I would think it would be weird to do the one-on-one interview with someone you've worked with closely for 2 years. Does your school do the pre-screen interview by faculty then invite to larger interview sctick? Maybe he just skipped that part for you? It seems weird that he wouldn't have said anything if he wasn't going to accept you.
  8. Could you work with one of your PhD POIs? First, maybe they'll be more likely to take you if they love you and already know what you are capable of. (Caveat... some people don't like accepting their own students. Snoop around to make sure your POI is not one of them.) Second, if you're like me, then all of the people you are applying to have done post-docs together, collaborated with each other, know each other fairly well in some way. Because of that an LOR from one of your POIs would be awesome for all of your schools. Apart from undergrad GPA, your stats are awesome. I would love to have your pubs . With an MA, shouldn't BA GPA be a bit close to irrelavent anyway (although "it counts")? I second Quantum Buckyball's suggestion about doctoral classes. Are you still an MA student? If so, can you actually take doctoral classes for credit (we could in our program if we groveled).
  9. Thanks so much! ... I'm actually thinking for me it was SOP, research fit, LORs (not best fit), and maybe research experience.
  10. KEEP DOING RESEARCH!!! (sorry for shouting, but I had too ) There are some post-bac research programs though, that are awesome and you could do after an MA (that's my plan). However, don't go back and fix your undergrad GPA. I think that's even more true if you're doing well in your MA.
  11. Meh... just got the Duke CNAP rejection letter. C'est la vie. Has anyone apply to CUNY for the Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience program? Have you heard back yet?
  12. Hi all! I'm so embarrassed to ask, because I felt like my application was sloppy and haphazardly put together. (I have this bizzare fantasy of someone lauging in my face because my application was so horrible). But, I know that I really should (and really want to) ask so that I have a better idea of what I'm going to do to make myself a better candidate for the next time I apply. Any suggestions? Have you done this before?
  13. gellert... I know that some apps may have been sent to other depts for better fit. I don't know if that means you're supposed to get a Duke CNAP rejection letter though. Do you think they may be considering you elsewhere? I would definitely call.
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