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  1. I would just like to echo @xdarthveganx's perspective. After getting some insights through this board I went ahead and initiated some negotiations and thus far - while things are not completely hammered out yet - it's gone pretty well. The departments I contacted have been very willing to discuss negotiation with me, have been straightforward about what they can/can't do, and I've already had some small adjustments to my offers, with additional ones promised in the next few weeks. Negotiation is possible, including changing a TA obligation to perhaps an initial fellowship year, etc and/or getting summer funding, or slightly increasing a fellowship amount (albeit TA stipends seem pretty set). I understand this is not the case with all schools, and probably requires you to have at least a few offers to use as leverage, but it is not impossible, and is probably worth trying if you are fortunate enough to be in that situation and funding would actually impact your decision (probably a waste of time if you ask a school you're not truly considering). I have not gotten the impression from any department that my asking was inappropriate. Just my 2 cents.
  2. I had thought you were talking about Irvine, whose visit days start tomorrow. Just meant it seemed unlikely they would still be sending acceptances - but perhaps I'm wrong and they have a wait list who will unfortunately miss out on the visit. This is my second application season so definitely understand disappointment about not being accepted - hang in there. I was crushed last year but worked hard to improve my applications and this season has been a lot better.
  3. Considering visit days are this weekend it seems like acceptances are already out, right? Unless I'm missing something.
  4. Congrats! I have several offers, but still slightly jealous.
  5. Thanks for al of your input. It's been helpful. @xdarthveganx:: Thanks for the insight. I ended up reading the acceptances thread from last year for some insight and noticed your progress with getting in to various schools and then negotiating funding. Were many of those who were willing to negotiate publicaly funded schools? I could be wrong but it seems like the UC schools are implying their offers are pretty much standard without much room (though I haven't actually come out and asked for anything yet). Feel free to PM. @mormlib:: Are your professors negative view of schools like this solely regarding funding or in other areas too? Feel free to PM. @amlobo:: Thanks for the insights on visits. Did the schools you rescheduled visits for seem to care you chose another official visit over theirs? It sounds like probably not. My strategy for right now I think will be to go to the one that informed me first (unless I strongly prefer the other one). One last question/thought for anyone:: Would you wait to pursue negotiating funding as your offers come in or wait until you know your offers from everywhere? Is there a rush or anything to negotiate before others do? And do you think funding negotiations will only work if the school offering you more is equally or higher ranked (perhaps they won't see it as competition if your other offer is from a school ranked a lot lower). I'm probably TOTALLY over thinking all of this. But I'm having a hard enough time as it is just deciding where I would like to go before even considering funding (though I know funding will definitely have some sway in the end).
  6. Just wondering what everyone thinks about disclosing your other offers to departments during recruitment. For some reason my gut leans toward being cautious about disclosing everything, but I'm not entirely sure why I feel like that, especially if you have several offers and it may help in negotiating funding. Is there any way disclosing could hurt you? (And I don't mean "showing off" about your acceptances, talking about it nonstop, or being a jerk about it - I'm talking more about when you're asked or it's appropriate to do so). One of the departments where I was accepted mentioned in an email to me to keep them "in the loop" about other acceptances and offers. Should I be totally forthcoming? What about when visit days conflict? Should I be straightforward about missing a visit day due to attending another one? Just curious to know everyone's opinions/thoughts about this.
  7. Anyone have any inside info or reference to previous years about when visit days usually fall? I'm starting to plan my visit weekends and would hate to have a major conflict if I was to be admitted to Brown (which is easily one of my top choices).
  8. Thanks. I'm hoping to go to the open house weekend but might have a work conflict. Either way I'll try to come visit the department in March sometime.
  9. I realize you are a first year so maybe don't have tons of insight into this, but what are your thoughts about placements from your department? Looking at the site it seems like somewhat of a mix. I really love the faculty at Irvine and have heard they are doing some really exciting stuff, but as I've also been admitted to some top-ranked schools I'm nervous about taking a risk on the opportunity for top-notch placements down the line. I'm not sure I can make it to the visit day due to a work-related conflict, but am hoping to visit the department sometime in March either way. Thanks.
  10. This is a really great thread. Especially as I've been accepted into several of the departments mentioned here and to be quite honest, now that I've gotten into some greatly ranked + "up and coming" departments I'm not sure how I'm going to make a final decision (while I was applying I honestly did not anticipate getting into multiple schools). Someone above suggested we talk to professors and ask about their impression of how their department is doing in relation to others. If anyone has tried that, did you feel like the answers you got were completely forthcoming? At this point with my schools - if they're truly wanting to "recruit" - it seems they would likely sugarcoat their answers. I'm guessing my decision will come down to my impressions on "fit" during visit days - and probably a little bit on funding - but I also want to be smart and consider the long term, plausibility of placement after I finish, etc.
  11. Bumping this up for Fall 2014. Interested in any information people can share on finding a place in Madison for myself, spouse and 2 young children. Eagle Heights is obviously an option, but am waiting to hear back from the Housing office about getting some pics of the inside, floor plans, etc. Thanks!
  12. Maybe. But (if it helps), my applications weren't necessarily perfect. My GREs are only ok (in the 150s). I think my biggest assets are I know what I want to study, I'm got some relevant work experience behind me (I'm not straight out of undergrad - though I know that works for some people), and I only applied to schools where I saw a substantial/relevant fit. Not sure how many schools you applied to, but keep your head up. It's still early in the game. And, while it may not sound that great now, if this year doesn't work out you can work on your applications and try again.
  13. Now that I have a few acceptances I'm happy to start being a bit more forthcoming. I can claim one. I received an email from the department with an attached letter outlining my acceptance. The letter says that in comparison to previous years they are accepting less students in order to be able to guarantee funding for 5 years (exactly what the funding will be is still forthcoming). Visit day is March 7 with additional details coming next week.
  14. Not sure that's always true. It also comes down to fit in the department. I'm pretty sure I was rejected to a top 20 (presuming since they've sent out acceptances and I've heard nothing), and yet have been accepted to 2 top 10s.
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