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Top International Development Public Policy PhDs


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Hey all--now that people have started hearing back from schools, I thought I'd start this thread to get other's input on a question I haven't seen answered recently. Basically, what do you think the top Public Policy PhD programs are out there for those doing international development type research (of a more economic bent, as opposed to global health or conflict studies). 

I'm interested to hear what others have to say as I ultimately narrowed down the schools I applied to to--U Chicago Harris, NYU Wagner, Pardee RAND, Duke Sanford, and UNC Chapel Hill. I've already heard back from UNC and spoke with a potential advisor at the school there that spoke strongly about UNC's Carolina Population Center, but I'm interested to see if anyone has any additional perspective about the strengths of NYU, RAND, and Duke in particular. Additionally, I know Harris has very strong faculty, but I'm a bit concerned that a lot of them are mostly focused on violence/conflict (i.e. Blattman). 

Any insight anyone has on this topic would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Hey devpolicy,

Congratulations for your UNC admit!

This week I heard from UNC Public Policy. I have been accepted to their graduate program. My interest lies in international development with focus on education, labour dynamics and poverty alleviation. I have two quick questions for you-

Did you contact the potential advisor at UNC before applying to the program?

Also, have you heard about the funding from UNC?

Thank you.


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