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"Graduation Date" when applying for jobs while wanting to leave program


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I want to leave my PhD program and am in the process of looking for jobs. I am wondering how to report the "future graduation" date, while trying to avoid confusion and having my application outright rejected by recruiters. 

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Are you getting any sort of degree from your program? Could you get a master's on your way out of the PhD program? Do you need to list the program at all? My answer would depend on your answers to these questions...

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Generally, when filling out these applications, you list degree programs that you have finished or plan to finish. Here are some possible scenarios:

If you aren't planning to finish the degree, then you probably don't need to list it (and probably shouldn't list it).

If being a current student is a pre-requisite for the job (for example, this is an internship that you're applying to) then I would list the expected degree date according to whatever your school says. 

If you plan to finish the degree but the graduation timeline is flexible, or depends on whether you get the job then you should either put i) the earliest date you could realistically graduate or ii) the latest date that the company will accept if it requires you to have a PhD (probably either a date before the job start date or the date the job posting says you must complete degree requirements). I would then discuss the actual plans for finishing your PhD only after you get an offer from them, or in the interview if it comes up. 

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