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Longwood University Accepted Students 2018

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I've noticed a few people posting results from Longwood University on the results page so I figured it would be cool to meet potential classmates. Who else has gotten in to Longwood? Are you waiting on any other schools? I'm still waiting on the letter in the mail with more information. 

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14 minutes ago, SpeechApplicant2018 said:

Hi SLPin2020, when did you apply to Longwood? I'm very surprised that some heard and others didn't, and that anyone heard this early!

I applied at the same time as everyone else - before the February 1 deadline. I actually got an email from them a week before the deadline to remind me to apply to their grad program as well, since I had only completed the CSDCAS application. I don't think they started looking at applications until after the February 1 deadline. I got an email last Friday, and so did a friend of mine who applied. They might be sending out emails as they make decisions because it appears that some people have been receiving emails this week, too. Hope this helps.

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