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Will graduate school revoke my offer just because I have one 2.8 gpa in my senior year?


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For some stupid reason, I'm about to get a D on one elective major course in my senior year. And it will pull my GPA straight down below 3.0. How likely will graduate school revoke my offer just because a mishap in one quarter? I got a 3.5 in the first quarter and will try to get a 3.5+ in the next one. I'm so worried right now!

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Your overall GPA or your GPA for the quarter? In all likelihood, no, they won't. Mostly because they won't have your final transcript until you're already on campus and because their main concern will be that you completed your degree.

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Also, someone correct me if I'm wrong, they aren't allowed to revoke their acceptance unless you reject it or don't answer before 4/15 or don't graduate on time, just like you can't legally back out of an official acceptance once you've given it without the express permission of the program.

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