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Timing and decisions


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Backstory: My significant other is in a career field that is geographically limited, so I'm trying to keep him in mind when making my decision.

One of the programs wants to nominate me for a fellowship, and I have to write a short essay due tomorrow for them to do so. I loved the program and the interview experience, but it's in an area that doesn't work for my partner's career path. I plan on decline the offer, but I wanted to wait until I heard back from my top choice school before doing so. But it also feels like if I might accept the offer I have to write the essay for the fellowship. Should I write and submit it even if I will most likely decline the offer?

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I feel like there's no harm in writing the essay for the fellowship, and as you said it's just a short essay. If you happen to get into [top choice] AND get the fellowship, you can always decline the fellowship offer, but if you happen to not get into [top choice], then you don't want to be left regretting not applying for the fellowship. 

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Seconding rising_star: why wait until you hear back from your top choice? The only reason to not decline is that this is your personal #2 choice school and you think your partner will move to this area for you if you don't get into your top choice.

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