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MPP: Georgetown, American, Maryland

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I have gotten into three schools so far for public policy: Georgetown, University of Maryland, and American. All these school's rankings are similar so I am having a hard time distinguishing between them (they are also all in DC) except for the price tag. Tuition follows:

Georgetown- $50,000/yr  (have not been notified of funding)

American- $30,000/yr (received $10,000 each year)

Maryland- $45,000 (have not been notified of funding)

What do you think is the best option?


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When do you need to notify these schools your decision to go? Because you are not aware of the funding from two of the schools maybe you should inquire if there are assistantships or internal fellowships that can help pay the cost. I think the University of Maryland has assistantship positions on their websites. Are there other areas that can help you decide which school you want to go to? Like policy concentrations? 

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