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UC Berkeley vs Stanford for MS Environmental Engineering (Water Resource Engineering)


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I got into UC Berkeley and Stanford Environmental Engineering MS program to study Water Resource Engineering. I'm not sure which to choose. Any opinions of pros and cons of each university for academics(course material) and campus life in general are appreciated! Where should I go? 

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Admission to Berkeley is more competitive than Stanford for EE, if that matters.

They're both brilliant but you must find out which is a better fit. Take a long look at the courses and curriculum and see which one(or both) offer exactly what you want to specialize in. Same with faculty.

Berkeley would be less expensive compared to Stanford and the probability of receiving funding is also higher. I've heard Berkeley is a diverse and fun atmosphere, but that doesn't mean Stanford isn't.

Both great choices, see which one works better for *you*. I would vote for Berkeley.

Good luck!

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