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Hey all,

Has anyone heard anything (interview/rejection/acceptance) from the developmental PhD program at University of Washington? I haven't been contacted by this program in any capacity since I sent in my application. I didn't get an interview invite though so I assume I'm rejected, but I wanted to know if anyone else that applied has heard anything. I've been checking the results survey page regularly and nothing for developmental comes up under UW for this cycle. :( It would just be nice to get an idea of what's happening so I know how to move forward with my decisions/plans. I almost want to email my PI/the department to ask if I'm still being considered, but I know that can come off as pushy.

Thanks in advance!!

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I had a Skype interview, but was later contacted by the POI and told that they wouldn’t be moving forward with an in-person interview. I know people who have been accepted after interviewing so sadly, I think you can assume that you’re not being considered any longer. It was a top choice for me so I was pretty sad too!

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I'm in the same position as @oddity. I had a skype interview with a social/developmental prof, but I was informed by the prof that I didn't get invited to the official interview. I haven't heard anything since then - judging by postings in past years, they seem to be pretty late with rejections (early April).

I'll also be applying there again next year (or the next year...)!

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